Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 'Manual' Has Been Reduced To This

Kotaku: "Publisher Ubisoft is protecting Assassin's Creed Brotherhood buyers from dangerous staples by whittling down the game's manual to a single sheet, scored and folded for your convenience. Maybe they're thinking "green"?"

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multipayer2949d ago

Funny, I got a "Rebuilding Trust" pamphlet promoting this game in OXM magazine(it was $5 for a year). To think the instruction booklet the $60 game came with is no better...

Red_Orange_Juice2949d ago

Cheap bastards, what is this, not a manual, more like warnings summary

Heartnet2948d ago

no1 reads the manuals anyhow :P

Gam3s4lif32949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

hmmm...quite depressing...
o well its not like ill look at the manual :D

VersusEM2948d ago

I know right, the game is the thing that really matters

Dave13512948d ago

True, if i need help with a game thats where google comes in handy

RankFTW2948d ago

Ubisoft said a couple of years ago that they were going to phase out manuals so no surprise here, well done Kotaku...

seinfan2948d ago

Yeah, I believe they said they were putting the manual in the game menus somewhere.

branchedout2948d ago

I remember when I was younger.

I'd get a game, and whip out the manual first. I wouldn't even touch the disc/cartridge.

I read that loving manual. It gave me tips the game wouldn't. Heck, some manuals walked you through the first stage!

They cared!

Now, game manuals are filled with:
"Lol, plz don't sue us."
"lol. This is ur controller and here are the buttonz."

ZombieNinjaPanda2948d ago

My favorite ones were some of the N64 ones. I remember Donkey Kong 64's manual could have been considered a small book. So much back story in there.

beeeffess2948d ago

Ah the days when you'll get a new game and read the manual on the car ride home.

It would last the whole journey.

It's a shame we don't get thicker manuals. Have you see the Mafia 2 manual. Thinnest manual. Granted it was and easy game to follow but there were a few things I missed which should have been in the manual.

Considering AC2: Brotherhood is focussing on multiplayer there should be a lot more information. I hate how online games just throw you into the game. At least with a single player game, I don't have 5 or 6 people telling me I'm an idiot when I don't know how to do a specific thing.

gamingisnotacrime2948d ago

now games manuals are rarely useful. Is good to see it, but all the important info can be found in the game

beeeffess2948d ago

Manuals for me nowadays serve as a reminder.

Most games this generation feature a tutorial at the beginning but after that you cannot go back to it without restarting the game.

Say I start a game then I stop playing and only come back to it in a few weeks. Chances are I've forgotten how to play this game. I can just look in the manual to get a refresher on how to use the game's features without starting over from the beginning or pressing every button and hoping for the best.

Though some games will have an in game manual such as Fallout 3/NV which is nice.

There are PC games that don't bother putting in a manual and expect you to download the PDF. Alt-tabbing during a game to look at the manual isn't fun. There are some games that don't like it when you alt-tab and crash the game.

QuantumSponge2948d ago

"They cared!"

Ah... it's good to see such wide-eyed innocence still exists. Warms your heart.

Game manuals are dead because they are, for the most part, no longer necessary, as the information they contained has migrated into the games themselves.

And "they" care about as much as they always have. They certainly care about where our money is going.

TekoIie2948d ago

wait... So people actually care about the manual? WOW and i thought hackers were sad...

Neckbear2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Confirmed for being underaged and started gaming this generation. Go back to your shooters, kid.

Back then, manuals were one of the main reasons to NOT pirate a game. Manuals had glorious artwork, tips, and explained with detail not only the game's features, but the backstory and settings, too.

Hell, when you bought a game, you felt really happy with the whole package. A big, nice box, a heavy manual, and the game itself. Nowadays? It's the Box Art recycled through the disc and the manual, and the manual itself is 20 pages long.


Yeah, as a comment on Kotaku says:

"Game manuals are not gone, they have "evolved" into game guides and cost you an extra $20"

That's also, when available, I pick up games that have Artbooks and Game Guides as pre-order bonuses, with big boxes. It really brings me back to when things were packaged like that.

AlienFodder2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Complete, "official" strategy guides still do that but I'm afraid they're probably a dying breed as well... I bought the AC II special edition guide last year, which came as a hardcover book, and it is truly a thing of beauty. Obviously the last one of its kind from Ubisoft, though.

wingman32x2948d ago

I agree. I just recently looked through my manual for Zelda NES, and you could tell that they cared about what they put in there. It's one of the most extensive manuals I've seen. It does a really good job of introducing people to the zeldaverse. It's sad that the days of booklets like that are gone. I get kind of excited when I see a beefy manual, but I'm quickly let down when I find out that half of it is just the first half translated to a different language.

Dac2u2948d ago

It's been so long since I've seen that instruction manual, I decided to look it up. It's the type of manual that had me sitting in my mom's car long after we got home, reading though the whole thing. It is kind of sad that they're going away from that.

acedoh2948d ago

at the original Gran Turismo. Not only did you get the game manual but also a reference book for all the cars. Also I remember in some of the original games if you would get stuck the manual may tell you something to get past that.

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