Full Feature list of GT5 for those who are complaining already

It seems that some websites are already starting to complain about a game that it isn´t released but the most important thing that everybody seems to forget is that although the game for some may not be perfect because it doesn´t meet their expectation, GRAN TURISMO 5 is the MOST COMPLETE RACING VIDEOGAME in recent history, making those little complains almost not existing when you see how much GRAN TURISMO 5 as a whole offers.


Update 1: with the Official Tracks or Courses that GT5 has, because now people are complaining that the game doesn´t has sufficient courses.
Update 2: Gran Turismo 5 even has an option of No damage settings and has add a button for windshield wipers. New Video proves it.

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jony_dols2986d ago

Good to know. This is the list i've been looking for.

ajcastillo2986d ago

Yeah i know, the same happen to me

lociefer2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

lol and they were overcharging mw2 for a some multiplayer modes , if anything , gt5 should sell for 150$ a copy, this is dedicated work

Chubear2986d ago

We all know they weren't GT fans in the first place and many are fans of forza. Yup the same forza that doesn't have half the content of a PS2 game in GT4 but ofcourse no one talked about the lack of cars in that game or the lack of actual proper simulation or the lack of proper damage or the lack of a well structured MP or the lack of graphics for a 1st party studio

no, GT has 5 types of Skyline and doesn't have every single car in existence so - FAIL! but forza, yes, the "definitive" racing sim that has to charge it's fans extra for more cars and still doesn't have the amount of cars in GT anyway.

Yeah, pay over $100 w/ DLC included and still don't have the # of cars in GT but yeah - 9.5 but GT, meh, 9.6.

Gamers this gen are disgustingly stupid and MS love you for it.

SWORDF1SH2986d ago

The flack that Gran Turismo is getting lately is unjustified.

The features and cars (even if half of them are japanese manufatures) this game offers for the price of 1 game is nothing short of amazing and a credit to PD.

Also do people actually think that PD owe them this game. Hating on it because it has taken so long is not a valid reason.

PD does not owe you this game so you will get it when its up to their standard and quality. Why would they rush to get out yearly updates and rushed half arsed games and ruin the name that they have got for quality games.

GT is here and will raise the bar for racing games while others will play catch up I have no doubt and we should be glad that a company that really cares and takes it time to make sure you have a quality game.

acedoh2986d ago

people will be playing for not just days or weeks but months and years. There is so much content it will be hard not to get overwhelmed. Do I work on my own career or do I manage a team? Not only that but an actual online community within itself. This is much more than a game.

SWORDF1SH2986d ago

I take it you haven't seen the bestsellers on Amazon since the date was announced.

Also GT doesn't blow its load on first day sales (which seems to be the thing this gen) and then disappear. It as legs. Check its sales history, it still sells pretty well years after, a bit like San Andreas.
But you already knew this didnt you??

morganfell2986d ago

Complaining about a game like this is nothing new. They did it with Heavenly Sword and they did it with Uncharted. It happens for 2 reasons.

First there are those people that want a game to be exactly their way. And when they don't get that way they have a a rather public manner. I am not talking about stating "I would have preferred this or that." Such comments are normal. I mean attack or detraction articles where logic was left in the sock drawer.

We are seeing those already.

The other reason we such negative posting is the ever fearful damage control crowd...the anti-PS3 crowd. This is what happened with Heavenly Sword and Uncharted. And to some extent MGS4.

It's called, "If we don't take this behemoth down now we are in danger of getting over run."

It worked with the former two titles quit well. Heavenly Sword was damned out of the gate. "Oh the play time is 17 minutes" or some such idiocy. Not quite that extent but you get the picture.

I played that game through on the hardest available difficulty (a play through is required to unlock the top difficulty). I explored everything. Likely died an average number of times.

But I had been so questioning of the articles I ran a stopwatch on the game. It took me over 11 hours to go through watching every scene. I did the same on HALO 3 on heroic alone and it took just over 10 hours.

As for Uncharted what can I say. A game they managed to keep off of practically every GOTY list. Not even nominated. Yet anyone that has played it knows what that title brings to the game table. Phenominal adventure. It has flaws, sure, but the game is a blueprint for adventure.

Uncharted wasn't assaulted with a frontal attack. They cowards were not idiotic enough to attempt that bit of suicide. Instead it was ignored. And it worked. It took years for the gaming world to look at the title honestly and the price of reality was the sequel.

Now we are seeing the same sort of damage control attempts. No one should be surprised. It's going to get worse before it gets better.

nix2986d ago

this is what u should bring to the table... then u can talk shit!

OT: great list.. it already has 3 games in it... kart, rally and nascar. that's why i'm skipping McRally n Dirt.

SephireX2986d ago

Who cares about what people are saying! This game is amazing and the reviews will show that in just over a week's time. It may have taken a long time, but the foundation is set for future GT games this gen, not that we'll need another GT this gen after 5. People should stop thinking about how long this game is in development and instead start thinking about how long this game will last. Anyway, I'll see you on the track 24th November. My profile is SephirothX21.

Darth_Bane792985d ago

Dude I know you love the game and all, I can't wait for it too, But your comment was waaay too long!! I couldn't get myself to finish reading it.

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Perjoss2986d ago

very impressive list indeed. But can someone please translate this:

"PS4 200 + 800 + standard cars and cars"

poindat2986d ago

There are 200 premium cars and 800 standards. A very fair compromise between the two, if I may say so.

cygnuszero22986d ago Show
visualb2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

...and the remaining 800 are at an equal quality to all other car models in all other console racing games, thus, meaning that all other console racing games' cars are also unfinished


GT5 is the only game on any console to have "finished" cars

pretty fair deal to me I guess =P

Blitzed2986d ago

His last 15+ comments have been trolling GT5 articles. In fact, save a few comments about console sales, it seems nearly every comment this guy has made is bashing GT5. Lol Looks like someone is a little worried and is putting in some overtime.

Narutone662986d ago

suspected to have been busted for trolling the GT5 thread while using a MS corporate account.

Blitzed2986d ago

I remember that, just didn't realize it was him. I think its pretty obvious he's an employee. If that dosent constitute a ban I don't know what does.

It also shows how much fear this game brings to the competition.

Dee_912986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

everyone best bet is to just add to ignore list

2986d ago
Blitzed2986d ago

Who the f*ck said anything about this guy being the only troll on this site? I made the point that this guys sole purporse for being on N4G is to bash GT5 as %99.9 of his 144 comments are bashing GT5. Not to mention the suggestion that he was called out for logging on using a MS corporate e-mail.

Who said anything about Forza or GT trolls? We are talking about an employee of the competition logging on to N4G to do nothing else but attempt to downplay GT5. WTF are you talking about?

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BrutallyBlunt2986d ago

Actually the real gamers out there can enjoy both games and not go off on tangents going after Microsoft and thus not playing Forza because of it. I loved Forza 3 and i am buying Gran Turismo 5 the day it comes out.

I guess that means both Sony and Microsoft love me for it.

This is not the way to act maturely, Chubear. If one whines about Gran Tursimo 5 and what it offers dont be a child and take it personally and turn everything into a console wars fiasco.

Reefskye2986d ago

Well its not very mature to say "your only a real gamer if you own all consoles". I own PC and PS3 that's all I need the Xbox doesn't have enough games I want to play to justify the purchase, plus as a PC gamer I refuse to pay to play. Does that make me any less of a gamer than you? of course it doesn't.

Baka-akaB2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

yup this is a silly statement at best , one that keeps being perceived as normal this gen .

Even with the boatload of ps3 titles , personal taste is the major defining aspect for owning a console .

So no people with only a ps3 , or only a 360 arent worst off if they choose it according to their games .
Nor are 360+ps3 better off .. that's only if you enjoy games mostly exclusive on each platforms

BrutallyBlunt2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

You dont need to buy every system under the sun to be considered a gamer. Of course not. What i was referring to is how people automatically get defensive and start attacking in all the wrong directions which takes us even further away from what it is we are trying to focus on. In this case its about Gran Turismo 5 and what they have been doing all of this time and whether or not its justified and if its a complete game or not. Not about Microsoft.

Notice how Chubear needs to amalgamate the Forza franchise with Microsoft instead of just focusing on how each game compares to the other if that is what he really wants to do? Did he bring up the Dirt franchise? How about F1? Why not? Why is it all about the XBOX360 versus the Playstation 3 all of the time instead of how each game is?

This is the problem with many here and that is their inability or refusal to focus on one thing. Instead we get a bunch of people who invest too much time and effort trying to discredit Microsoft (or Sony for that matter) any chance they get. So its no longer about Gran Turismo 5 or even racing games in general. It becomes a conglomeration of trying to depict two different sides when we should really be talking about racing games.

So why dont we focus on Gran Turismo 5 instead? Why dont we see if the game offers enough content instead of trying to say 'well Microsoft is evil for coming out with DLC?' Once we focus on what Gran Turismo offers or doesnt offer then it becomes clear that Gran Turismo 5 does have a hell of a lot of content and to me looks to have far more value for $60 than a lot of games. So there is no need to say Gran Turismo 5 offers a lot more value than any game on the XBOX360 or offers better value than Microsoft can offer. That's not only immature and misleading but it leads to nowhere.

rextyrann2985d ago

in my opinion all the comparisons lack something. for me as a "casual" gamer its of no interest at all. i have no problem to out myself as non hardcore gamer. in fact the only games i do play or did play recently were sc2 and some of the ff franchise.

BUT now to my point!
i got my ps3 for 2 reasons and 2 reasons alone (considering gaming). first was ff13 which was enjoyable and second was GT5. so note that: it plainly doesnt matter which game is rated how on which platform. GT fans are CAR enthusiast in the first place! not hardcore GAMERS.
i usually HATE racing games or simulators in general. but i LOVE the gran turismo franchise. for a lot of people its just more than a game...

nobody cares about which plat-side its on. its gt5! its about cars, so ignite ur engines and lets meet up on the track =)

PS: i recon i wont be the only one who got a ps3 solely for this game. pple will be very suprised in a few month after theyve seen the actual impact. im sure of that...

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darksied2986d ago

Same here. Especially for someone who doesn't know much about racing games, but is interested, this list REALLY gives me a good idea of what the game offers. Really, all I wanted to see was split-screen, and now I'm sold. But the rest is good stuff too.

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MGRogue20172986d ago

Best F**king Driving Game Ever!!

SMW2986d ago

I Saw someone whinging that when it's raining the draw distance is reduced because teh ps3 can't handle it.

It has nothing to do with the fact that when you drive 120km/h in the rain IRL you can't see shit....

Haters will hate.

You Noob2986d ago

Tthe draw distane is reduced because IT'R RAINING, and in Real Life, you can't see the same distance as a Shine Day.

What a failbot...

BrutallyBlunt2986d ago

Thats not only funny but very true.

Masterchef20072986d ago

I had nothing to do with that comment. I just said that it is probably design choice thats all

Nariko-20112986d ago

Some of the things aren't really features but dammit I'm beyond impressed. Hope they don't get marked down for too much content/variety like that Ratchet and Clank game by those retards

blahblah2985d ago

this is actually first game that i see the use of custom soundtracks. playing death/speed metal while racing adds something.

i was always wondered what is with people wanting this feature, and the first time i see the need? it is there

razorpakk2986d ago

The only thing that really matters is a good car physics, waiting for the reviews.