The Nation: Apple iPad, Kinect bag top prizes at gadget awards

APPLE’S iPad has trumped Amazon and Sky to be crowned top Gadget of the Year, it was announced today.
The iPad beat the Amazon Kindle and Sky 3D to win both Gad-get of the Year and Readers’ Gadget of the Year in the 2010 Stuff Gadget Awards.
Readers also voted in their droves for Microsoft’s controller-free, motion-sensitive gaming system, Xbox Kinect, which took Innovation of the Year. Stuff magazine editor and judge Fraser Macdonald said: ‘The iPad’s success was by no means pre-ordained. It’s expensive and functionally limited. ‘But it is also quite gloriously indispensable and only making itself more so with the increasing number of apps and accessories. To see it is to want it, and that’s why it’s our gadget of the year.’
Microsoft’s motion-sensor gaming system Xbox Kinect won readers’ votes for Innovation of the Year.
The annual awards recognise the best consumer technology released in the past year and are decided by expert judges and readers.

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niceguywii602894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Getting a Ipad and already have Kinect. I agree these super products will do well with the people able to fork over the cash for them. They are both the most advanced products in what they do. Got a Pioneer vsx 1020-k on SEP 15th so the sound from these products music services are greatly enhanced to near CD quality(already have a Ipod touch Gen2 and Iphone 4)

Please MSFT update XBL with Kinect to the fullest.

Bigpappy2894d ago

It going to take a while to implement though. They have to quality test each App and all the menu's. But M$ do update they sofware prety well and timely. Kinect will get a lot of new feature once the launch is complete and M$ has finish counting the cash.

sku7790tz2894d ago

i never though microsoft employees will have a time to vote.

awiseman2894d ago

Interesting that thay say Kinect sucks but other places they say thats a ripoff Eyetoy(it is). Think About it ;) I no il get thumbed down, I odnt care, im already a 1 bubber anyways.