GamePro: Sound off: Will You Buy Gran Turismo 5?

Sony has finally nailed down a launch date for Gran Turismo 5, but was the last delay the straw that broke the gamer's back?

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KILLERAPP3765d ago

No matter how many haters, web site or analysts run their mouths, GT 5 will sell like crazy all over the world and it will continue to sell for years to come is Sony’s biggest game after all …

nix3765d ago

it will be KZ2 all over again...

visualb3764d ago

GT5 will be quite a big hit

not that KZ2 wasn't, but comparing their impact is a bit unfair

I agree about the hate though

same with Uncharted 2, and any big PS3 exclusive, gets shat on all the time by media

I have NO idea why =|

DigitalAnalog3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

I think he meant that the there was so much bashing of the game on Killzone 2 that the last thing they expected was a delivery. Of course, GT5 is on a much bigger scale (articles nit-picking again) except that Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 pretty much put the PS3 in a more powerful position than it was 2 years back.

-End statement

poindat3764d ago

Nobody has anyone to blame for disappointment except for themselves. Too many people have let themselves build up such unrealistic expectations that the only possible result could have been disappointment. Like everyone else, there are aspects of GT5 that I wish were more fleshed out or different or improved... But that's not going to stop me from buying it on day 1, sinking hundreds and hundreds of hours into it, and having it be one of my favorite games in my collection.

It simply gets hated on because people are too selfish, stupid, or ignorant to realize that Kaz has let nobody down; it is the disappointed people who have let THEMSELVES down.

In my book, those who feel disappointed and angry about information that we've known for ages yet have been too ignorant or stubborn to accept it, or are angry over delays, are not true fans at all. Not at all.

Masamori Sumimura3764d ago

Is the story about grand turismo 5 or Microsoft ?

BrutallyBlunt3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

People like you are the problem. Just reading through your own comment history is proof of that.

"Before Microsoft gamers and reviewers stuck to their own platform. No one would be so pathetic as to try to smear games on competing platforms or get themselves jobs in the gaming media so they could trash titles on consoles that competed with their own. "

Then why are you having such difficulties staying on topic? Why are you turning yet another article focusing in on a game only available on one platform, the Playstation 3, into a personal blog of how much you despise Microsoft?

"All that sickening fanboyism ended up accomplishing nothing. The PS3 is the third fastest selling console in history and has dumped the 360 into last place. But it is still a disgusting change Microsoft has brought to the console market."

No, what is disgusting is to have to filter through so many comments in every topic just to get back on topic because people like you have a keyboard, which is what changed over the years. That's why the respect is gone because anyone can say anything they please at any time of the day.

As for buying Gran Turismo 5? Of course i am. I love racing games and i enjoyed previous Gran Turismo games and this has a ton of content in it.

Yes, keep the disagrees coming and show how anonymity is what it all boils down to on this site.


# Night / Day transition
# Stunt Arenas Stunt Arenas
# 32 player online lobbies
# 16 player online races
# Online clan/Clubs
# Spectator mode
# Dynamic Weather (snow, rain, fog, star orbit)
# Ingame weather forecasts not perfect, randomized code PD can't control
# 200+ PS4 cars and 800+ standard cars
# Nascar license
# WRC license (infinite tracks due to track generator, co-driver really needed)
# Super GT license
# Rolling and damage
# 1st person walkabout photo mode
# 18MegaPixel photomode
# Stereoscopic 3D photos
# Online photo sharing
# YouTube uploading
# 1080p
# PS Eye headtracking
# Motion controls
# HDMI 1.4 Stereoscopic 3D @ 60fps
# Split-screen
# Share cars and upgrades with friends
# Track Generator
# Custom track sharing
# Best graphics in any driving game (lighting, physics driven smoke, attention to detail..etc)
# Real life tracks recreated in maddening quality (up to 2 year dev times)
# 20+ locations with 70+ variations
# PSP Connectivity
# Go karts to Rally to classics to sport to Drag car, ordinary cars...etc etc etc
# Animated drivers, handling and gear shifts, pit crews, tire changes etc
# Custom soundtrack
# Text and Voice chat
# Narrative involvement by popular drivers and Top Gear crew
# Top Gear Test Track
# Open free-form Track
# GT Life (career mode, this time with earth map and real time clock) & Arcade mode
# Profile pages
# B-Spec Mode where you manage a team of AI racers
# Borrow your trained AI drivers to friends
# In-game (bulletin-board) message boards
# Gran Turismo Video store (Top Gear Show has 350+ million viewers)
# License Tests!
# Individual Photo locations (such as Red bull hanger)!
# Collaboration with Red bull on the X1!
# One of the best MENU presentation in a game.
# Creation of a car that dont exist X1

DigitalAnalog3764d ago

Seriously, I'm amazed you kept all these info. By the way, did I just see a username "cygnus" trolling in that thread 2 years ago. MY GOSH, he is so persistent doing it until this very moment in n4g?

-End statement

Zezo3764d ago Show
Lawliet3764d ago

Not many who will be buying is going to tell u that. They ain't got the time. Most of them is in a hurry packing their loads for the camp!

Dee_913764d ago

ps3 came out in 07
took 3 years to make gt5
been WAITING for it for 5 years lol
why the hell wouldnt i buy it ?

N4WAH3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

then the question would be "Why are you not buying Gran Turismo?"

I don't know a gamer that is a fan of racing that isn't looking forward to GT5. The game nearly covers every facet of racing. There is something in it for nearly all racing fans. I am trying to get as many of the titles I own right now wrapped up before 11/24 because I know from the day on all my other games will be neglected at the very least until 2011.

3764d ago
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hennessey863764d ago

Its made me want it more. Im a big forza fan but just seeing the latest videos with the weather and night racing and the incredible graphics just goes to show how talented pd are. I hope turn 10 can take a leaf out of pds book and take forza to the level gt5 will be at. I ve just orderd the gt pro wheel with a stand and gt5 i cant wait

poindat3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

...This is an example of a proper gamer. If only more of N4G was like you, good sir.

acedoh3764d ago

actually increased the hype. This game was getting some attention before, but nothing like we are experiencing now. It's amazing how many stories, good or bad are out. And as they say all publicity is good publicity. Plus now this game will be coming out and nothing will be in it's way. All the high profile games will have already released and GT5 will be able to run all the way through the holidays. This may actually increase the sales of the game.

BrutallyBlunt3764d ago

Agreed. Competition is a good thing. It pushes developers even further and it also opens up more ideas because you then have more programmers in the field who specialize in that genre.

jjohan353764d ago

You'd have to be pretty stupid to own a PS3 and not buy GT5.

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zeeshan3764d ago

wtf??? of course i will!!!

iPad3764d ago

I said it once but I'll say it again. Why is there so much hate on GT5? Previous GTs never had hate.

Something smells fishy ;) ;) Hahah.

Zeevious3764d ago

Why wouldn't you buy GT5?

If you have another console...why should you care?

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felonycarclub3765d ago

GT was the game that made me go from being a big nintendo fan to a big sony fan since i first played it, that same day i got a ps1 and gt and the rest is history, i still have every gt game, and i love cars and have alot of respect for kazunori yamauchi and his vision that some day it will come true, perfection and i think he is very close to making it come true and i cant wait, i hope for one day to meet him in person and to tell him thanks for creating GT

limewax3764d ago

Have to admit, I have been waiting forever for this game, however the car list has put me off a lot, I will likely still get it, But to be honest, I dont think its quite up to scratch for what we should expect after such a long development, Its not balanced enough. The three premium suzuki cappucinos were like pouring vinegar in an already open wound too


What kind of stupid question is that!?! Are you (us) going to buy Grand Tursimo 5. GT5 is in high demand. One of the biggest games in highest demand ever.

Apocwhen3764d ago

What is this "Grand Tursimo 5" game you speak of?

Orionsangel3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

No! I'm so angry about the 6 year long wait. The constant delays. I intended to punish the designers by boycotting the game...Oh who am I kidding. Yes I'm buying it! I can't wait!