Study: Adults Playing More Casual Titles

As gaming becomes more widely accepted by the mainstream, the wide adoption of more casual titles will become more commonplace. For older men, playing online sudoku helps keep their minds sharp and gives them a mental challenge. While most soccer moms won't want to play Dead Rising on an Xbox 360, they'll certainly take some time out to play some Hearts. It's for this reason that RealNetworks' 40-year-old female customers comprise 70% of their sales.

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Silverwolf5386d ago

That's why I'll keep playing video games till I'm in a nursing home. And I'll still play as long as they don't cut me off!

pRo loGic II5386d ago

I play Geomtry wars and Astro pop more than standard games and will continue even after Mass Effect, Halo3, Gow, and the other 50-60 killer apps that will come out in thge next couple of years. Luminus or what ever it's called is the game i wan't the most.