Get Call of Duty Black Ops For Free, If You have...

TQcast writes: Best Buy is offering a promotion where you can get Black Ops for virtually no money. All you have to do is...

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scar202994d ago

No thanx i got mine for $45 used a day after it came out.

gamingdroid2993d ago

What can of crap article like that gets approved?

That is not free if you have to trade in two games, get a gift card and then buy it with the gift card!

illmatic2993d ago

Hush your mouth, and stop being a hater

commander2993d ago

Good deal...............Not

Many of those games came out less than a month ago and all they will give u is $30. If people fall for this they need their gamer card revoked.

GuruStarr782993d ago


Agreed....nothing in life is free.....this is a flamebait article.


He's not hating, it's not "free" if you have to trade in two games for a giftcard.

How this got to 600 degrees is a testament to stupid articles like this that bait people in and the credibility of

barom2993d ago

I'm glad I didn't click on the link and give them hits. Thanks for the heads up

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MAJ0R2993d ago

trading in MW2 and RDR

MW2 sucks and RDR is amazing but isn't any use to me after the single player is over

illmatic2993d ago

@JQM78 How is this a flaimbait article...stop trolling just because you cant afford the game even with this promotion

Zydake2993d ago

hmm i dont want black ops BUT this can help me take TFU2 off my hands but for $30 an i bought the CE. FML.

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wat6342994d ago

Already got mine for 65$, but ill go and trade in rdr and medal of honor.

scar202994d ago

Why would you trade them they are great games especially the zombie mode in rdr.

SnukaTheMan2993d ago

Seriously....I could not sell one wants to pay a extra 10 bucks on the price of a used game.....get something else. game is mediocre at best wat634.

RememberThe3572993d ago

But I seem to be in the minority in thinking that.

Red_Phoenix2993d ago

All the games best buy wants would equal a greater amount than Call of Duty is worth. If you were to sell any of those games they listed on Amazon or Ebay or just to a fellow friend, then you would end up getting more money with a few extra dollars to spend on something else.

Desz2993d ago

MW2 is part of that list, why not trade that in for Black Ops? 30 for MW2 is not bad at all..

Red_Phoenix2993d ago

You could sell modern warfare for about 35 used on Amazon and it's 40 for a new one. You could go check. Also you have to pick two games for the 60 dollars. All those games still have a pretty high value on them, way more than 30 bucks. Modern Warfare 2 has the lowest value on that list, I believe, because of Black Ops now.

duplissi2993d ago

ripoff? i havent checked but im pretty sure thats more for all of those games than gamestop would give you.

Shadow02993d ago

might be more than gamestop would give you but its not even close to was amazon or ebay gives you.. so this deal is pretty much a ripoff

itsralf2993d ago

I traded in MW2, MAG, and Dead Rising 2 for Black Ops at GameStop and I still owed them like $11... And that was with the bonus 25% offer and the extra 10% on my PowerUp card... So this seems like a pretty good deal to me...

Shadow02993d ago

then you failed if you traded in at gamestop.. next time try ebay

showtimefolks2993d ago

no way in hell

i don't have the time to sell on ebay or amazon i just go trade my games and buy new ones and in recent months i have gotten a lot of money for games i traded

those 3 games would get you black ops since you get 25 extra and 10% more for your edge car which is now free too

so they ripped you off

itsralf2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Yea, I'm sure I got ripped off. But I only make minimum wage and I have several other bills to pay, including my college education.

Edit: If there's something wrong here, please let me know and I'll go back tomorrow and ask about it.

GLoRyKnoT2993d ago

This is (about) a week old! & i don't trade games. (i keep them until they have Zer0 re-sale value) well..i do :) Gaming is not about money! it's a lifestyle :)

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