Halo: Reach - Xbox 360 Review by Brash Games

Right, straight off the bat, if you’re a Halo fan, who’s been playing it for the best part of a decade, look away now. This review is not for you. You know whether you’ll like Reach better than we will. Of course, the Microsoft marketing drive will probably have made it look like the best game ever made, and suggested a finesse that it just doesn’t have, but since you’re not reading this, we don’t care. No, this review is for the gamers out there that haven’t dipped their toes into Halo since the first couple of titles.

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awiseman2897d ago

I know its old, but its a Halo review and its bad and its on N4G. Sounds like a match made in heaven ;P

RockmanII72897d ago

Very poor review. Yes the single player isn't great, but its not as bad as this makes it sound.

Multiplayer is great, he complains about there being nothing new. There are new weapons, maps, vehicles, armor abilities, and more. He starts to complain about it being too much of the same, but what sequel is drastically different from its original game?

He also failed to even mention Firefight, Forge, and Theater mode. He didn't mention how you can search for maps, gametypes, pictures, and videos for Reach in Reach. He didn't mention the Daily Challenges or the credit system for buying armors.

A 6/10 is their opinion, and I do respect that. I just wish that they would have explained it better.