'Lair' is ambitious, beautiful... and fun

Heather Newman :

"Lair" isn't perfect: there are bugs, and once you get into the smooth rhythm of flight and combat, they'll stand out like sore thumbs. (Speaking of thumbs, mine are still sore from the time I started one battle trapped inside a wall, unable to get out. Ouch.)

But in general, the use of the Sixaxis controller is smooth and fluid, and while some maneuvers are not as sensitive as you'd like them to be - in particular, I found the 180-turn, which requires a flip of the controller, to be somewhat iffy - you'll use every last ounce of the motion sensors as part of a typical heated battle."

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TriggerHappy4065d ago

This is the first game that I have seen with the "MOST MIXED" reviews EVER. Most of the major gaming ebsites are saying it is not bad all, whiles some are saying the opposite.

I think Lair is one of the game's that you gotta try to see if you like it or not.

MK_Red4065d ago

Two Worlds breaks the record:
1/5 from GameSpy, 7/10 from GameSpot, 4-8/10 from others.

But I do agree that Lair is also getting seriously mixed reactions. For me, its still 9/10.


Im buying it,I don't care what their giving it,at lease the PS3 has motion sensor.

synce4065d ago

My god, how desperate can PS3 fanboys be? Okay, maybe the game can be enjoyed by certain people. ANYTHING can be enjoyed by certain people. But to post all these virtually unheard of critics and publications praising games like Lair when the big guys like IGN and Gamespot, and even most of the less popular sites, call the game sh*t? That's just lame. Same goes for Heavenly Sword. I'm buying the game, but it does not deserve those 90-100% ratings that unknown publications are giving it. It's about an 80%, at MOST.

ktchong4065d ago

This comes from a BLOG, for goodness sake. It could have been written by one of the game programmers under a fake name.

SIX4065d ago

and buy this game. I don't know if it's because of the low scores the lowered my expectations, but I'm actually finding this game to be very fun! Right now my Girl friend is playing while I take a break and she isn't even a gamer and she finds it pretty easy to master. My word of advice is to try this game. Rent it first because it's obviouse, going by the mixed reviews, that this game isn't for everyone. And before I get flamed for my opinion. Let me tell you that I am a gamer. I have every system...excluding the Neo Geo and the panasonic 3D0...and a few of the older systems. I hated the Darkness ( super over rated) I think this game is better. My point its that not everyone has the same taste in games. Give it a shot! You may be pleasantly surprised.

Hyperactive Jedi4065d ago

I bought Lair today and played it for 3 hours. it is a magnificent game, the graphics are breathtaking. I dont know what all those complaints about the controls are about...I didnt have any problems controlling my dragon. Whoever did the review must still have their mom tie their shoe laces...a little skill is necessary to control the beast.I am glad I ignored the bad reviews and got it, that game is worth every penny !
I give Lair a 9

cartman3134064d ago

@ Roundpeg - Dude, seriously think with your head. Who freakin cares if it's not from a "professional" reviewer. Professional reviewers give their opinion on a game. Just like this guy is doing. EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN OPINION!!! Your words lead me to believe you are just a loner/follower. Go cut your wrist.

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jonnyvito4065d ago

I've played it and I thought the game was great fun. 75%

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4065d ago

"I hate to see a gorgeous title like this marred by bugs and the occasional rough patch, but I expect that, like me, you'll be pleased to overlook them. "Lair" is a unique game, a true test of the PS3's next-generation power, and a successful experiment in motion control - all while being an entertaining game and a seductive story."

Don't overlook it, be your own judge. ;)

gunnerforlife4065d ago

i dont care what they say im definetly getting this game i mean im gone have enough time too save my money:D:(

AkUmAzRaGe lRl4065d ago

guy's stop trying to bring this game back to life

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