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The title “Call of Duty” is no stranger to anyone familiar with the next-gen gaming industry. After seven years and six iterations of the most popular FPS franchise, we now have the seventh version – Call of Duty: Black Ops. Treyarch’s shooter takes you back during the Cold War era, and plunges you into a story woven with secrecy and conspiracy on a global scale. The question that we must now answer is whether the secrets of Black Ops are really worth disclosing, or if it should remain under wraps.

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Taggart4512898d ago

Got to admit, as someone who isn't a fan of Call of Duty and even first person shooters in general, I gotta say....this game looks damn good. I can at least give it that. Great review, thanks.

doctorstrange2898d ago

Looks good, singleplayer is awesome (midway through) as is multiplayer, and Zombies!

ftwrthtx2898d ago

But now that I've played through the campaign, I'm glad they did that.

My dad did 3 tours in Vietnam and the last tour he was a member of MAC-V, so it was cool to hear the reference.

NJShadow2898d ago

Not a bad review. I heard the game was great, but definitely lacking in many areas. I actually did expect it to get the usual 9/10.