Gran Turismo 5′s car list is sorely disappointing

Gamer Limit writes: "The 12th of November proved to be a momentously uplifting day for Gran Turismo devotees as, after months of rumours, delays and teasing leaks, the final release date for Gran Turismo 5 was finally announced amidst a plethora of ecstatic cheers and relief.

In conjunction, the full car list was also unveiled, confirming that Gran Turismo 5 will have no less than 1031 cars to drive. It’s an undeniably staggering feat for a video game, and easily the largest line-up of cars ever seen in a driving game, trouncing GT4’s previous 700+ strong car collection.

However, there may well be over 1000 cars but literally half of these are from Japanese manufacturers – there are almost 100 Mazdas, and no less than 40 variations of the bloody Nissan Skyline, for example. It’s beyond excessive."

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Fullish3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

What a surprise, they ignore all non-Japanese cars...

Yi-Long3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

... that it doesn't have the stunning new Mazda 3 in it. Only a whole bunch of old Mazda's.

The game is obviously still a must-have though.

ipwnall3806d ago

Most of the cars are Japanese because that's what Polyphony is, a Japanese Dev. They only travel to get info for the tracks, they get cars by model delivered to them.

I have no doubt though that this will be the finest sim to date - anywhere.

HOSe3806d ago

bahahahahahah mazda 3 sucks.

DERKADER3806d ago

Why are there 40 Skylines? I think they could have better used their resources and add more diversity to an already extensive list of cars.

Dee_913806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

because the game will be in my ps3 11 1/2 days from now
nothing seems to matter to me but that

+ alot of those cars might only be obtainable thru the Used Car showroom like GT4

Sarcasm3806d ago

So the game isn't even out yet, and they're already complaining.

ExplosionSauce3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

If half of them are Japanese(or a bunch of Skylines), then that means that there are at least 500 European and American cars!

It's easy to word things in a negative manner.
These people need to stop complaining!

Dee_913806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

I counted 65 cars that repeat 2 or more time only
23 repeat more than 5
thats including year transmission etc

... I have no problem with that at all
and if youve ever played GranTurismo before you should know there would be a shitload of japanese cars ...

@KillaManiac this just shows that people will never be satisfied

they make it seem like those 10 - 20 cars missing from the game is actually hurting the game itself


KillaManiac3806d ago

Funny how some people complain certain cars aren't in a 1000+ car game.

Its usually people who don't even play Gran Turismo and only Forza which only had 400 cars.

1000+ cars people....what can make you happy? 5000+ cars and a 15 year development time?

T9X693806d ago

More isn't always better, I've played previous GT's and Forza games and didn't even touch half the cars. I would rather have 400 different cars, than 1000 cars were half of them are repeats which leads to scrolling through cars I'll never use. Almost a 100 Mazda's? Really? One of my favorite cars is the Skyline, but I don't need 40 different variations of the same damn car. I would be happy with 200-400 standard cars, and 2-4 variations of each one, instead of 40+

poindat3806d ago

"I would rather have 400 different cars, than 1000 cars were half of them are repeats"

Uhm... there ARE well over 400 unique cars, not counting variations. So I don't know what you're complaining about because GT5 delivers exactly what you're asking for. Just don't use the variations if it bothers you so much.

And as for everybody complaining about the huge amount of standard cars being recycled from previous games... Think of how much fun it'll be to drive old favorites on the glorious new GT5 engine. It'll be like driving them for the first time. Sure PD had to make a big compromise with the standards, but it was a GOOD compromise, and the right one. I'd take 200 premium and 800 old standards over extra premiums any day. Variety is the spice of life, and certainly GT5.

kancerkid3806d ago

Well if 40 of the cars in the game are just variations of the Nissan Skyline, I guess Forza 3 can say they have 3000 cars because hell, you can customize all the cars all you want.


Yawn, because the amount of cars has ever made a game...

Strikepackage Bravo3806d ago

used, but they would have been wise to go the Turn 10 route with quality over quantity.

I complained about the fact that we were getting a bunch of OLD cars a long time ago, but everyone called me a fanboy, now sure enough, we get a bunch of Nissans from the 90s and I still see simpletons making excuses for this mess of a car list, unreal.

ShinMaster3806d ago

You need to sharpen up your math skills.

@Strikepackage Bravo
You're not fooling anyone and your arguments are laughable.

You think it's an issue that GT5 has old cars???
What's wrong with cars from the 90s???
The 90s had great sports cars. It's a good thing.

The only people that are affected by these "issues" are the TROLLS, not GT fans.

doG_beLIEfs3806d ago

EVERY SINGLE GT GAME has had many, many Japanese cars. The OLDER the GT title the GREATER the % of Japanese cars. So that means GT5 has BY FAR the most globally diverse line up of any before it.

Only trolls who don't know GT would complain about something GT fans have known about since....1997

ExplosionSauce3806d ago

Doesn't matter what you said before. You're still wrong, haha

GrandTheftZamboni3806d ago

"I would rather have 400 different cars, than 1000 cars were half of them are repeats"

So, 400 is better than 500 (1000/2)?

nix3806d ago

I am going over the list right, and so far, in the first 100 down the list, they already cover 12 different car makers. Now I dont know if you've played any previous GT games before, but correct me if I am wrong, GT has the widest selection of car makers available to car enthusiasts. And when you go to buy a car you actually have to click enter the car maker's showroom and see how many cars they have and make your selection and so on.

also another thing that most people in here dont know, is that a 1997 rx-7 Type S can be tuned to x amount of horse power, while a 1997 Type LS can only be tuned to x-92 HP, now one might ask how is this relevant? Well it's because in GT races are done by classes, and HP, and types of car, so where you RX7 Type S may not be able to race a certain event, your other RX7 can. just something to keep in mind. now im going to finish the rest of the list so I can see the number of different car makers in the game.

Yi-Long3806d ago

... I'm much more interested in the amount of different fun tracks.

You can have a 100 or a 1000 or 10.000 cars in a game, but if there are only a few tracks and they're boring to drive on, then you will not be playing the game for very long.

Sc0pe923806d ago

i know man how could they leave out the mazdaspeed 3

Theonik3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

What disappointed me on the list is that they don't have a regular Lamborghini Diablo and the Countach is standard as well as the Bugatti Veyron being standard. It's still a large and awesome list i just wanted that bit more. Can't wait t pick up my CE copy :D

Zeevious3806d ago

I wouldn't say it's disappointing, but do 15 versions of the same car, year with a different engine or transmission really qualify as a different car?

To me those are just versions of the same car, that you can just swap out those parts...but it's still the same car.

Will I enjoy the game any less...HELL NO!

Can't wait for my collectors edition!

moparful993805d ago

Could these people whine any more? Here you go have 1031 cars, the most cars than any other racing game in history.. Buh buh buh der is 50 skylines, 20 rx7's, and 200 honda's... wahhhh.. Seriously why is it that anything sony does is ripped to shreds by the media? Forza doesn't even give you no where near this many cars and it's perfectly ok but gt5 gives you over 1000 cars and people cry for more.. Blows my mind.

hay3805d ago

Haters gonna hate. F*ck them.

RBlaze3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

If I buy a racing game, all I want is a Porsche Boxster or some variation on that!

Surely, as long as your fave car (or one of your faves) is there in some capacity, does it really make a difference how many other cars you have available?

So provided the game has a Ford Fiesta (yep, I'm young and poor so that's what I own!) and a boxster (that I'm allowed to have painted yellow), that'd be enough for me..

vhero3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

Trust somebody to complain about something they add over 1000 cars yet its not good enough range?? I bet they think Need For Speeds range of cars at about 30 cars is enough though right? Articles like this just shows people are scared of the power of GT5. Honestly though can it have every car in the world?? No.. And expecting it to have a car you like out the probably million made is ludicrous!

jeseth3805d ago

I am a bit put off by the amount of repeat cars.. .

I have a Mugen Si Civic and I was hoping/figuring it would be in the game. . . .bummer.

There are cars I figured to be in this game that aren't on that list. Hopefully its incorrect/outdated.

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Jorrel563806d ago

Yea... but at this point I just want to play the game already!

StartWars3806d ago

You and me both! Hopefully the rest of the game will be worth the long wait.

Dramscus3806d ago

I'll reuse the example of the skyline and the ferrari.
There are a few points about this to pick on, one ferarri's are generally rare hard to get cars which are tuned to the maximum of their specifications. Their for rich people.
The skyline has so many different versions because it is one of the premier street legal racing cars in the world. There are dozens of different manufactured versions of the car from stock to drag racing to high cornering models. Many of these are bought stock by companies that then tune the cars and resell them. There are also countless racing teams using special custom versions of the car.

I mean there are probably too many imprezas, rx7's, and eclipses, in the game for the same reason. I don't think their being racist I think their just realistically looking at the racing word.
If you look at standard racing thats popular in the states (nascar and to a lesser degree F1) everything is very standardized. The cars all pretty much run the same with different paint jobs. Even if you apply most american type muscle cars to street racing your fairly limited in what you can do with them unless you actually start cutting stuff up and using totally custom parts. No matter what you do the cars are going in the same philosophical direction. You have less ability to plug in a computer and drastically change the driving experience of the car.
Cars over there are just more versatile, american cars are generally for drag racing, japanese cars are usually better at cornering but can be changed to drag racing specifications relatively easily.

StartWars3806d ago

This is true, but the majority are still variants of the same model and it's the same for some of the other Japanese manufacturers. Plus there are a whole host of vintage Ferraris left out and Forza has over 30 Ferraris alone. I'm really surprised they left out the Ferrari F50 too, but hopefully there will be DLC.

I also wish there were some more standard American cars and classic Fords.

Dee_913806d ago

well for 1 you gtta understand this is the 1st GranTurismo to have ferrari
I also wish there were some more standard American cars and classic Fords."
true i will expect more of that in GT6
and kaz said it himself that gt6 wont take as long as gt5 so it should be no more than 2 years from now

N4Great3806d ago

"Absolute American patriot here"


but that explain your bad choices in gaming and your fanboyism.

guzman3806d ago

@ coojo: switch out "Japanese" with "American" cars and you'll be onto something. Hell, American cars are such shit that the U.S. government had to intervene with a bailout to save GMAC, then they tried to ruin Toyota with unfounded rumors but that backfired and Toyota got a nice profit from the quarter of the recall. Lol, U.S. autos = fail, they can't even win when they cheat! LMAO!

Sarcasm3806d ago

lol American car fanboys, possibly the only thing worse than 360 fanboys on this planet.

spektical3806d ago

@ guzman

no, car quality depends on how the person treats there car, and one thing i've learned, is that americans can be really abusive to their cars. Saying that, all cars have different levels of maintenance requirements. American cars do need more tune ups and such , but at the end of the day, you keep ur car in good shape and it'll last a loong time.

kneon3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

I am quite abusive with my cars, I drive every one as if it were a Ferrari. If you are cornering and all four wheel are still on the ground it just means you could have still gone faster :)

In my experience most American cars put up with my excessive acceleration and braking far better than Japanese cars. Brakes and tires don't last long with me but I have fun wearing them out :)

And no I'm not an American car fan boy, I actually prefer European cars, but the selection of those available in North America is pretty slim.

Strikepackage Bravo3806d ago

but I have no problem admitting we make the crappiest cars these days, wasn't always like that, we used to make the best cars in the world. A long long time ago LOL!

But Keep in mind FORD was not bailed out by Obama. Also one of the main reasons GM sucks so bad is because of the auto unions in the USA, they are choking the life out of the industry. Non union auto manufacturers in the states are dong fine.

ExplosionSauce3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

That is if it's true that "half" of them are Japanese.

stevenhiggster3806d ago


They are probably counting wrong anyway, I'll bet theyre counting companies like Hyundai and deawoo as Jap manufacturers when they're actually Korean. And a few others that people think are Japanese but aren't.

moparful993805d ago

You people have no idea whats going on here... American cars are built around the principle of cheap, quick, easy and when they break the car manufacturers make a mint off of the parts sales..

Why do you think autozone, advance, pep boys, o'reilleys, and napa do so well? It's a modular process with cheap, easy to replace parts and it has worked for decades.. Japanese cars are built to last a while because the culture in japan dictated this view point..

Up until recently the american way worked and there wasnt much issue.. But with the way the economy is families can't afford to buy a car they are going to have to do repairs on, hence the rise of the japanese manufacturers.. American car companies are more then capable of producing high quality, long lasting cars but until recently they had no reason to...

Just look at the improving quality of the big 3 here in the states.. These new american cars are outclassing japanese cars and are able to be priced competively as well. Stop being so ignorant and judgmental, we owe our oppulence to companies like ford, chevrolet, and chrysler..

Blitzed3805d ago

The only time America made the best cars was when the Japanese and German car industires were literally reduced to rubble during WWII.

I used to drive nothing but American until I bought a Japanese car. The differnce in build quality was ridiculous.

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psman0123806d ago

I have to kind of agree with the list though, there are probably less than 100, maybe even 80 different car models, just look at the list. There are like 11 i think different years and makes of the Chevrolet Corvette, same with the Camaro, and so on with other cars... but they are all different, and there is 1,031 of them, so I'm not complaining!

I was a little surprised though to NOT see a Pontiac Firebird in the game!!

monkpunk13806d ago

to excess and beyond! and all those skylines drive differently i guarantee it. i have a mazda 3 sport but alas it hasn't made the list lol (not worth being there) gimme that renault 5 gt turbo and that lovely 205 gti oh and.... and .... and .... and ...

just ordered a logitech gt force well as well cant wait.

jpdcmo3806d ago

I am very sad with this list : (
Why there is 22 Mazdas MX-5 and ONLY 12 Ferraris?!?!?
Where is the F50,F50GT,FXX,599GTO,F355,GTO, Modena ....
I prefer much more the Forza 3 500 cars than the GT5 +1000 cars.

PS3 Rules3806d ago

I agree with the loss of the Ferrari F50 in the game its my favourite car ever
I still hope for the DLC

kaveti66163806d ago

What baloney is this?

I am impressed by the car list, and if there are any important cars missing from the retail game, then I am confident that PD will accept gamer feedback and release additional cars in DLC packs. And I will have no problem paying for that because the main game will take me years to complete anyway.

Odin7773806d ago

What's wrong with Japanese cars? Japanese cars are better-made than American cars now anyway.

Steven213806d ago

uhm they didnt even include the best japanese cars

Jeremy Gerard3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

Turn 10 has been vindicated, turns out FM3 was and is indeed THE definitive sim of this gen, NO WAY GT5 gets it with these kind of glaring screw ups, some of this stuff makes the game damn near unplayable as far as im concerned.

I hate Japanese cars, prefer Euro cars with the occasional Corvette, Mustang, Viper, and Saleen thrown in, if only someone would revive Duesenberg.

ExplosionSauce3806d ago

Quit whining.

What screw ups? Unplayable?
If you're going to troll, don't be so obvious.

suicidalblues3806d ago

Fanboy faggot. Quit being such a troll.

visualb3806d ago

than there are total cars in FM3....

so if you judge GT5 as unplayable...FM3 is...less than that =P

by trolling GT5 you have super-trolled FM3 xD

Jeremy Gerard3806d ago

Thing is, that is the problem with the GT series, this is wy people like me have been saying since day one, shut up about GT being the best, because its not, it just has great sales numbers, but it has always been a stagnant, overly Japanese focused, boring series with horrible AI, and too many Nissans, we said that would not change and it hasn't.

And that is what keeps this game from topping Forza, it is still stuck in the past.

Word of advice to Poly, fix your engine sounds, get Porsches, more Ferraris, lose 3/4ths the rice grinders, fix your damage model to at least match Forzas, tone down the Ice physics from last gen, work on your AI on rails opponents, and take time to learn what the f&ck your customer wants, Americans and Europeans dont want to fart around a track in old Mazdas and Nissans all day.

ad4mb3806d ago

Go outside a little, your life will improve I promise...

moparful993805d ago

You are a bonafide idiot.. Your "I'm american and what I feel is important takes priority over others" metality is an insult to other americans like me..

So lets take tally does forza have nascar? Nope. Does forza have World Rally Championship? Nope. Does forza have shifter karts? Nope. Does forza have dynamic day/night and weather effects? Nope. Does forza have a track editor? Nope. Does forza have 16 player online racing? Nope. Does forza have 1080p at 30-60fps? Nope. Does forza have 3d? Nope. Does forza have head tracking technology? Nope. Does forza have a media streaming network integrated? Nope. Have fun with your sticker making simulator....

delicia3805d ago

Why do some people troll GT5 much? Just enjoy when it comes out

THE TRUTH3805d ago

Those who choose to complain about these car numbers should not even play this game. Wake up gamers! There's NASCAR go carts rally cars and yet you still complain? Should PD delay this game again to add more cars? Give PD some damn credit!! This game is absolutely stacked enjoy it!

showtimefolks3805d ago

i have already placed a pre-order

edit tracks means unlimited tracks
1031 cars even if 400 of those are great cars guess how much time to unlock all of them

first people complained about not having GT5 this holiday season now that's its coming its not good enough

don't worry it will still sell in millions in no time to prove to all of you doubters out there

3805d ago
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PirateThom3806d ago

ITT: Gamerlint have never played a Gran Turismo game.

Neckbear3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

While I ain't no GT fan, I think 1031 is a pretty big number.

HOWEVER!, I've heard quite alot of disappointment when it comes down to the standard cars- that make up no less than a rough estimate of about 70% of the whole list.

Things like "It's just a GT4 Model Upscaled" come to mind.

Ah well, I've never seen the great thing about Gran Turismo games, although that's just me. I like playing Arcade Racers instead of Simulators.

Raf1k13806d ago

Yeh I'm not too keen on the standard cars from what's been said about them but 300+ premium cars with all the bells and whistles you could ask for is more than enough to keep me happy. While I can understand the slight disappointment IMO only a fool would make a big deal out of it.

garos823806d ago

where you dissapointed when halo 3 models where just upscaled halo 2 models? just saying...

OT:as long as those 40 skylines handle and feel different i dont care. ive played all GT games and always the first car i am to get is the skyline gtr v spec II. cant wait

kancerkid3806d ago

What does HALO have to do with your argument? Just because one guy isn't STOKEDZERS amount a PS franchise, he is a fanboy.

Grow the fuck up.

DigitalAnalog3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

I have a suggestion: Just pretend the 200 premiums are the main cars in GT and the other 800+ are DLC (for free).

Sounds better doesn't it?

EDIT: What matters is not whether the standard cars have the cockpit/damage and the whatnot; but more importantly, how realistic they handle to their real-life counterparts. And you can bet your ass they do it far better than any other simulator in the market today.

-End statement

visualb3806d ago

if all 1031 cars were premium

people would find something else to b!tch about

this is GT5, you either love it for what it is or hate it due to insecurities...

let them complain, in the end, this will be the most complete and perfected driving sim on consoles

you can't troll that =)

garos823806d ago

halo has nothing to do with it just as someone who isnt a fan of the series coming here and giving his highly biased opinion of game i doubt he has ever played or will everplay.
im sick to the bone of people complaining about the title when they havet yet played it.
the only valid complaint i believe people here should have is the wait to play this masterpiece

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JPinto3806d ago

As a car and obviously car games fan, this time i´m having a bittersweet experience with GT5.

You get one good thing, and one get weather, but only on certain tracks, you get 1031 cars, but the 80% of them are GT4 ports, and more than 500 of the total are japanese! And making a quote of the article, you´ll have 135 Nissan, but only 12 Ferrari...12. 15 years waiting to Ferrari to appear, only for having half the Ferraris that FM3, for example, have. It´s a fact.

Also, you have cars makes like Chaparral, Ginetta, Lister...but you´ll miss SAAB, Koenigsegg...that´s not what i call a balanced list.

You´ll also get new circuits, like Monza, the brand new Cape Ring or Street Circuits like London or Madrid, even Rome is back...but El Capitan, Twin Ring Motegi, Grand Canyon, and some more seems to be lost in the way.

So, can we say GT5 is an improvement over GT4? In a short answer, of course yes, but not on all things you might think, and not in the way you imagined.

And finally, all i can say is, that i hope massive DLC´s will eventually fix the biggest issues, but one thing is clear...GT5 is not what you expect after 5 years waiting.