Why Do You hate Activision Or Is It Just Bobby Kotick?

Activision, the world largest game publisher, responsible for the hot selling CoD franchise has in recent times been a victim of so much hates, ever since it overtook EA as the world No.1, Gamers claim that their arrogance have become more noticeable reason being their dominance, which they have acquired from the success of Starcraft and Call of Duty.

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MGRogue20172949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Well.. Because of him, Map Packs for CoD: Black Ops & future CoD games will most likely cost $15 each.

... Which is ridiculous. That is pretty much why I dislike that perfect example of satan's brother in the pic above.

Yi-Long2949d ago

...First of all, Bobby = Activision, in that Bobby's greedy ways have become Activision's greedy ways.

2nd of all, what has Activiison really released the last couple of years that was new, fresh, daring, innovative, and great?

Maybe only DJ Hero!? And I believe even that was an idea they had nicked from somewhere else.

Other than that, the COD franchise is just the same old on-rails shooter, only 'bigger and better'.

Guitar Hero lost it's way pretty quick when the people who came up with it all left Activision, and Activision couldn't do anything else except milking the hell out of it...

And what else is there really? A couple of crappy or mediocre Spider-Man games? Marvel Ultimate Alliance!? True Crime!? All just meh. Nothing that raises any bars, nothing that's worth full price, and nothing that really makes me want to defend Activision as a great publisher...

Oh, ofcourse there's Warcraft... but Activision just smelled the money and bought it all. Nothing to do with the talent or development behind it.

In short. Both Bobby and Activision just SUCK. They're a cancer in the videogame-industry, and TBH, anyone who truly loves gaming shouldn't be giving them any of his/her money.

MagicAccent2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

As far as I know, the whole Activision staff is made up of Bobby Kotick, his loyal demonic minions and his research team of scientists working at all hours of everyday to successfully clone Bobby Kotick and take over the world.
Seems perfectly sensible to me, and that would more than justify and explain Activisions behavior so far.

No... What I 'really' hate, is the sheep gamers that just accepts it. The people who open the wallets and their mouths and swallows whatever Activision shoves down their throat.
Solidarity among gamers? No such thing.

What's stupid is to call a company "evil" and whine over their power and sway over the industry, when 'you' gave them that power by buying their crap, instead of 'not' buying it.

A market that can be bullied into buying the products? That just unheard of(except for maybe in some communist countries). It's like im in game-retailers/developers-heav en.
Except im not a game retailer or developer. Which means i must be in zombie-consumer hell.

The moral of the story is: If you give a guy a gun, don't act so surprised when he points it back at you and demands your wallet...

/end rant

Ducky2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

I buy games for the game. I don't care what big menacing corporation is behind it. If they're greedy then I won't be surprised... most business dealing you do in your daily lives is all with "greedy" people.

From Banks and Gas stations to your own employer, all of them are greedy and all of them will try to screw you over while pretending to be doing you a favour. That's life.

As video gaming becomes a popular industry, you can expect the same thing to happen there. Getting angry at people who do buy their products and labeling them as "sheeps" and whatnot is just childish.

I love gaming, and I support developpers, irregardless of their publishers.
If Blizzard/Treyarch/Bungie/whoev er makes a good game, I'll buy it.
If an indie developer makes a good game, I'll buy it and tell my friends about it too.

As for the actual topic; I like Kotick. He's one of the best trolls I've met so far.

josh143992949d ago

my problem is they will do anything possible to get maximum profit even if it means ripping people off. i dont care about activisions games but eventually other companies will be copying them by overpricing dlc, bringing out sequels yearly and raising the rrp price.

big_silky2949d ago

both. i haven't thought activision was any good since the atari days. their games are just meh.

scar202949d ago

So this is why vince and jason left lol i wish they would give us info on the game they are working on.

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