IGN: Which is the Best Call of Duty Campaign?

It's hard to believe that Call of Duty has been around for seven years now, delivering some great experiences. It's grown from an admirable PC-only shooter to the biggest gaming franchise around. Call of Duty is notable not only for its innovative multiplayer, but also for some incredible single-player campaigns.

But which campaign is the best out of all of them?

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gillri2990d ago

CoD United Offensive or CoD 2 for me, the newer ones have gone too cinematic and scripted IMO

WW2 was always more exciting for me

Shackdaddy8362990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Agree. CoD 1 was also really good. I think my favorite part was storming the river bank in Stalingrad.

I loved how they made it so if you run back at all then you get shot. You could really feel the communism. Lol.

bananlol2990d ago

Yea, when i think about cod that is the first thing that pops into my mind. The whole boarding scene is quitee powerful and interesting. Loved it when the dude shot the commisar. Still, i wouldnt call that communism, rather desperation.

reznik_zerosum2989d ago

COD MW 1 is best, in mission where you invading Iraq for oil you can really feel the capitalism.LOL

Agent-862990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

I also loved the United Offensive and COD2 campaigns. COD UO was actually my favorite COD MP game as well. The killstreaks and perks have just ruined the COD experience for me (along with all the camping, glitching and hacking). But, I still have the BF series to rely on (DICE continues to make great MP games).

Shackdaddy8362990d ago

I really liked how CoD:UO multiplayer worked. You would rank up during the match and gain certain abilities as you go up(like binoculars and then an airstrike, then two airstrikes, etc. Then the ranks would reset at the end. So ranking was more about skill than how long you played.

Brewski0072990d ago

Totally agree Gillri.
Also I just find with every new title they knock time away from the single player campaign and it gets shorted every time.

RememberThe3572990d ago

That game changed everything. I couldn't tell you how many times I beat that game. It didn't have too much flair but it was still intense.

Black Ops campaign was pretty lame I must say. The last third of the game was pretty good but the first two thirds of the game were pretty hit and miss.

mittwaffen2989d ago

Plus modern day+ Nam+ WW2 made it even better mix.
Black ops was amazingly well done, best cod experience as it kept outdoing and keeping the game play very fresh.

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MGRogue20172990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Call of Duty Black Ops.. even though I didn't have a clue about what was going on in the story..

I enjoyed each of the level's settings & locations..

kneon2990d ago

I finished the game yesterday and already can't remember most of it, there just wasn't anything truly special, and there wasn't much of it, it was quite short. I can't remember a single "wow" moment in the entire game.

SPOILER!!!! The only thing that saved the story at all for me was the return of Reznov.

I know I'm in the minority but WaW is still my favorite.

Motorola2990d ago

Black Ops or MW2...not the story of MW2 but it was FUN

bananlol2990d ago

I really thought the no russian was interesting, something i would never expect to find in cod game werent it for the media. The scene just before you opeded fire was unique and really left an impression on me, and its cod were talking about. I think that level is as close cod will ever get to realistically depict "modern warfare".

PidgeottosCrew2990d ago

COD4. The lighting and graphics, as well as the set-pieces, were just unmatched back in late 2007.

frjoethesecond2990d ago

Agreed. It did a ton of things set piece wise I've never seen before it.

jwatt2990d ago

Like the helicopter blades spinning towards you.

ape0072990d ago

the whole package in 2007 was something extraordinary, when I first got my hands on it back in 2007 I was stunned at how awesome everything is, from gfx to sound to setpieces to soundtrack to controls, the shock value was high, it was nearly perfectly excuted , Call Of Duty 4 is one of the best games of all time, I'll never forget the good times I had in all ghuilled up and one shot one kill, not to forget the fun beating mile high club on vetran.

good times, good times

PidgeottosCrew2990d ago

I also remember when it was surprise to see your main character die.

JLeVRT2990d ago

I was sold after I jumped off the sinking ship onto the helicopter in the second level... im definitely goin with CoD4... oh! And the nuke scene.... amazing. Infinity Ward had done it.

crzyjackbauer2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

my favorite mission is
"Gillies in the Mist"
mw2 single player was good but just felt like DLC for COD4
if Activition would have done both COD4 and MW2 single player on one disk that would be the best

also a lot of people bashed MW2 single player cuz they never actually finished COD4 single player
loved the story and remember all the characters from cod4, OMG when you Find Captain Price on the prison level in MW2, i just came i alwas felt sad when i thought he died in COD4

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ZombieAssassin2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

I'd say either 2 or BO, both were pretty decent nothing mind blowing but a good play through. The only campaign i didn't play for CoD was Mw2 because well the game blew IMO.

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