GamesRadar: Tron Evolution Hands-On

You play as a “system monitor” created by Flynn, and the disc embedded in your back is essentially the key to everything you do. It’s a projectile, it’s a shield, it’s a grappling magnet, but more than anything it’s an actual disc, one that can be programmed with information and used to upgrade your skills as you earn more MBs (like XP) through the course of playing.

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Cajun Chicken2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

It's a shame all the Tron Legacy marketing is ignoring Tron 2.0, an excellent, once canonical, original FPS on PC and as 'Killer App' on XBOX by Monolith, makers of Condemned series and FEAR 1&2.

Still this looks great. Looks like they've nailed what makes Tron. Fairly amazed it's apparently the same studio that made that awful version of Turok on the UE3 early this gen.