10 Quick Tips to Help you Become a Better Player in Zombies

1. Share – if you have the most points, open the door, take turns with whoever has the most points.

2. In the Early rounds do not steal kills, people will get pissed off and will not revive you because you are a douche bag.

3. Stay in pairs – early rounds are not so important, but eventually try and stick your best player with your worst player, and let the average players stick together.

4. Escort people to perks if you have them, this is invaluable and helps build up trust.

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Brewski0072894d ago

I really hate the idiots that steal. Makes it so hard to revive them really.

MGRogue20172894d ago

Always Aim for the head..?

2894d ago
LowDef2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

"Control the parameter."

Foxton012894d ago

Best tips for the: Kino der Toten map
1: don't buy any weapon at the start, instead save money and open the door to the right at the top of the stairs, and then the next door after that. This opens more zombie spawns = more money in the start.
2: Kill ALL zombies in the first 3 rounds by shooting them 6 times with the gun (60 points) and the knifing them (130 points). this gives you 190 points per zombie. By the end of round 2 (or middle 3) you should be able to buy the Stakeout shotgun, which you have already opened the doors to.
3: open up the way to the theater and turn on the power. now you have a circle of rooms that you can continue to kite zombies around in. never stop for long, if in trouble just sprint halfway round the circle and wait for zombies to catch up and pick them out 1 by 1.
4: save up and buy the juggernaut perk
5: save up and buy the quick reloading perk
6: save up and upgrade your shotgun
7: Save up and upgrade your shotguns ammo (this is bugged atm afaik)
8: save up and buy the double tap perk
i've survived until wave 21 in split screen coop with this tactic.

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