Call of Duty: Black Ops Review (Single Player Campaign) (Examiner) *Contains Spoilers*

***May Contain Spoilers* Paul writes, "Once again, Activision has succeeded in re-inventing the critically acclaimed Call of Duty franchise while adding creative maps and a huge variety of weapons, attachments, and all the various goodies that come along with the usual COD titles. Well, first off, I will start by saying I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and interaction of the cinematic scenes as it left the player with the feeling of actually participating in the events as they unfolded. The only downside to this was I felt that the cut scenes, as great as they are, may have been a little excessive and overplayed using up valuable time which could have been dedicated to actual game play."

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basher442895d ago

I always enjoy your articles, good read :)

Hitman07692895d ago

This has been a seriously intense game, I'm really loving how it is turning out so far :)

RememberThe3572895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

I was pretty disappointed. It had it's moments and the voice acting was great, but over all they failed to do a lot. The AI is horrible, and graphics are not great and over all it felt like I was playing a B-movie. I expected more from Treyarch from what I saw in WAW. But everything seemed to be below the production standard IW set. Playing through the game I couldn't help but think that IW would have done it better. I'm not a fan of MW2 but I have to say that it had a much better campaign than Black Ops. Treyarch just doesn't seem as good of a developer.

Hayabusaman2895d ago

Well i am sorry you feel that way, but MW2's graphics were so cartoon like I felt like it was Saturday morning and I was waiting for breakfast.As far as what you saw in WAW they are two different projects and should not mimic one another in any shape or form.
And last the campaign of MW2 was better? Who do you work for I'm starting to think you were part of the crew from IW that got the walking papers..

RememberThe3572895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

I wasn't expecting the game to be another WAW, I was expecting that same quality and I don't feel like they delivered on that.

MW2's campaign was too short and too tight that was my only complaint. I hated that game because the multiplayer was a mess.

jeseth2895d ago

I agree.

I feel like Black Ops is not only a step to the side, but a step back for the series and I was looking forward to it more than MW2 because I loved [email protected] so much and thought Treyarch would deliver.

The story is like every other COD story since MW, no surprises here. And Black Ops SP gets a little too over the top. . . .there's a whole lot of "yeah right" moments and the game is so much like a Jerry Bruckheimer or James Cameron movie that it starts to get repetitious.

The graphics are a joke. Whoever said MW2's graphics were cartoony and this is better must be wearing a pair of glasses that make your eyes play tricks on you. Black Ops is not as good or realistic looking as MW, [email protected], or MW2. The guns also look like little toys and have barely any recoil.

The only thing Treyarch did was take the MW2 BS out of the online. Killstreaks are harder to earn and don't dominate a game so much, No Commando, Akimbo Shotguns, etc. Even GLs are used less because of the purchasing system. SO for that I applaud them, a much more balanced online experience.

Honestly, this game is mor elike a 7/10 and a 8/10 at best. It does nothing new, doesn't push the bar at all, steps back graphically, and shows us more than any other installation in the franchise that COD is becoming the Guitar Hero if FPS games.

PrimordialSoupBase2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

It's scripted to a point where half the time you're watching and not playing. And when you are playing you get to deal with nonsense like indestructible vehicles that haven't completed their drive-brake-bad-dudes-fly-out sequence.

The singleplayer is not a game; it's a bland theme park ride that only occasionally recognises that the player exists - insofar as it prompts for a button press.

I weep for people who actually think this is what a video game should be. Go play Stalker.

@Hayabusaman: That sentence makes absolutely no sense.

Hayabusaman2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

I agree as stated in the review that it did take too much of the playing time we should have had but in return gave us a playing experience that other games have yet to match.
Besides thats what multiplayer mode is for get on it!!

come_at_me_bro2895d ago

Ugh... "that's what multiplayer mode is for"? So developers can script half the game and skip designing a deep single player game with fresh gameplay if they tack on a rehashed multiplayer component? This is everything that's wrong with video games today.

MaroonersRock2895d ago

Very thorough, detailed, and gave the reader all that he/she needed to know before purchasing the game :)

Urmomlol2895d ago

I love how the reviewer spoiled the ENTIRE GAME. PUT SOME SPOILER TAGS ON IT. JESUS.

Hitman07692895d ago

Sorry about that, tagged it up!!!!!

Hayabusaman2895d ago

Hey dude don't hate cause someone actually played through the entire game before reviewing and rating it, god forbid the consumers are well informed ...

MidnytRain2895d ago

You can play through, review, and rate a game well without giving away plot points. It's been done before...

MidnytRain2895d ago

Come off it, it IS possible to review a game without spoiling it. Now stop throwing your disagrees just because you realised you were wrong.

meiamsome2895d ago

WOW I love how this sounds. :)

I will be dying to jam this !

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