Game Informer Scans: MGS4 and Uncharted Previews, Lair Review (7.25/10), E3 Top 50 & More

GameTrailers forum memebr thewster has kindly posted scans of latest issue of GameInformer which includes previews of MGS4, Killzone 2, Uncharted & Borderlands plus Lair review and tips, Top 50 games of E3 and more.

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MK_Red4069d ago

Uncharted looks as stunning as usual but most of MGS4 stuff was released before.

Bnet3434069d ago

and look how that turned out, not what people expected. Don't hype games on how they look.

DrPirate4069d ago

Difference is that Uncharted looks like Tomb Raider mixed with Gears of War, and then tied to Prince of Persia for some of those awesome swinging on walls action sequences.

If you liked Gears, and you like adventure...And you like running on walls, this game won't disappoint. Plus, Naughty Dog has excellent developer pedigree.

QuackPot4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

@boot & kigmal
have u seen the gameplay footage of Uncharted?

Early build and still great gameplay - although not perfect.

Unlike Lair, there's no doubt Uncharted won't have any major problems and unlikely to have bad reviews.

Whoooop4069d ago

I haven't received mine yet, it's always 2 or 3 days into the month..

fopums4069d ago

its nice to know Eva's going to show up, and apparently 70 some odd years old

ReconHope4069d ago

those motion controls arent widely accepted but if u can use them then im guessing the game is gonna be good for some. Terrible for others.

Rybnik4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

When I got this issue, I was even more floored by most of the Killzone 2 pics than I have been by the Demos/ trailer footage!! The way they are posed, two of the shots almost look Advent Children quality (the one with the bandana dude pointing and especially the one containing the caption "Destructible environments are taken to a whole new level with KZ2's remarkable game engine"

I just hope this game ends up with fantastic gameplay as well, cause it would be a terrible waste of a game if it doesn't. (The whole AI is dumb in its current state worries me a bit). What's weird though is that GI is the only mag that seems to have been impressed with the AI. They claim it flanks when oportunity arises, changes cover intelligently, and rushes the player if they are out of ammo, not just automatically. That sounds pretty damn good to me, if true. Its odd GI is the only media to have this reaction to AI...did they actually play a different build??

Borderlands looks damn interesting as well I think!


Not true at all... Most sites and mags don't give ANY impressions of the AI. Just like the gameplay itself, is pretty difficult to find something about it, all we have a lot is screenshots, repeated videos and good comments on graphics...

And the few reports on the AI, specially after the playable demo on Leipzig, was mostly good...

Also, you don't have to believe me or any previewer anyway. Just got the AI aimed video of Killzone 2 last build demo on then you could take your own conclusions...

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The story is too old to be commented.