Wii 2 Not a Must for Late 2011

Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Amie dismisses the possibility of a Wii 2 late next year. He also comments that Wii 2 won't happen until 45 million Wii units are sold.

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Murgatroyd72898d ago

Can't really say I'm too surprised, but they're only going to be able to milk this console for so long. I hope they're at least planning something out for the next generation.

RaymondM2898d ago

Same here, The Wii hasnt even been out for very long and Nintendo is notorious for having long s shelf lives

omicron0092897d ago

I think Wii is going to release first in the next console war. While Sony and Micro have been working on their motion systems, Nin can just work on its next console.

assaulth3ro9112897d ago

Guess he didn't see the latest charts....

turok2897d ago

he meant 45 million in the U.S, not worldwide.

HOSe2897d ago

if they don't release a console next november they lose, just like they lost with the gamecube.

but it doesn't really matter when the company is worth a bagillion $

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