Call of Duty Black Ops: First Impression Lackluster

PS3Center: "So Call of Duty: Black Ops recently released and those that don’t already have it probably want to know how it is. Modern Warfare 2 fans want to know if its still a good COD game, World at War haters want to know if Treyarch stepped it up, and the rest just want to know if its fun! Well instead of doing one straight review, we decided to give impressions as we play the game over the weekend, much like our PlayStation Move review."

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gaffyh2895d ago

I kinda agree, but probably not to the full extent. The graphics in Black Ops are amazing, everything is really sharp etc. Gameplay is the same, story is ok but not as good as Modern Warfare 1/2, which is a shame.

Great game overall, but no doubt the glitchers will ruin it all, as always.