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It’s a scientific fact that movies based off of video games suck. They usually take what’s in the game and make it all types of wrong. Well if the rumors for the Uncharted movie are to be believed then we may be on the verge of the worst adaptation ever. And yes, I do know of the existence of Uwe Boll and his films.

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tdogg060519912923d ago

Pesci nooo but yes that would be awesome and not stupid like this guy says.

DigitalRaptor2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

I disagree. The Uncharted movie needs someone less familiar than Mark Wahlberg to play Drake. Bringing in loads of famous movie stars for an adaptation like Uncharted will be cheesy as hell. They need to be convincing as they are in the video game, and not just in it because they are a famous face. It needs to be an organic production, but still hollywood, if you get me?

I dunno who I would cast, but definitely not any of those guys.

fantasygamer2923d ago

I would rather the movie be CG with the game actors portraying their character counterparts than have Hollywood mess up..

Kaneda2922d ago

As long the scripts and the story are good... and how director translate that in to the big screen...

Quagmire2922d ago

Hollywood is a spoilt little brat imo, getting whatever they want at the expense of others. They should either make it well, or not make it at all.

In fact, once they finish the making the film, they should show the entire film to Naughty Dog, and allow it to be shown globally based on ND's approval.

milohighclub2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

this is bullshit they are taking one of the best series EVER and re writing it because "it has no story" WTF then why do it???? by the sounds of it all they need to do is change the character names and the movie name and it wont be uncharted!!! i dont want to see these guys in an uncharted movie nor do i want russell to direct it!!! this movie should not happen (yet) uncharted in new york??? every blockbuster film is in new york. it proper pisses me off F*%"k you russell you F%*$k hollywood and unless they sort it out F*%&k you Sony!!! we need facebook and twitter petitions against this movie.
dont get me wrong i would love an uncharted movie but would rather go with out than let these guys screw up the series!!!

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Jake3602922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

If they were going to get some big actor to do this then the only one i'd pick would be Matt Damon.

I'd take the District 9 route, no big names but make sure the script is solid before doing anthing with it.

Edit: Screw that, i'd just not make the films, it isn't needed. And if the plot between the films and game cross-over that would suck.

Hellsvacancy2922d ago

"Matt Damon" mofo, u need shootin

Id rather they didnt make an Uncharted movie

jay22923d ago

Oh no......... Please god NO!

gamerdude1322922d ago

Damn... damn... damn damn!

gamerdude1322922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Why not get North to play Drake? I'd pick Fillion over Wahlberg any day, but I think North deserves the role just because HE'S Drake and he kinda looks like him. You know... cause they modeled Drake after him?

Sarcasm2922d ago

He'd have to work out an extreme amount, on top of that he has like 500 more games to voiceover in the next month alone.

acky12922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

he'd be great... he is Drake!

I remember all the talk about an MGS film and who would play snake...surely there'd be only one choice, David Hayter!

Edit: but yeh, they shouldn't even bother making a film. The games are brilliant...a film probably wouldn't be the same.

rdgneoz32922d ago

Yah, either the original Drake himself or Nathon Fillion. Fillion is a great substitute as he looks similar to Drake, has the right personality for it, and he can do the stunts for the movie. Hopefully the part about changing it to a New York setting is wrong, because both games have a story that's a hell of a lot better than anything that could come out of that.

Angels37852922d ago

Nolan North Does look like drake........In that picture. He does not look like that NOW, he is fatter, even his facial features are a little different now. Like Sarcasm suggested "he'd have to work out an extreme amount"

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NickX2922d ago

A Uncharted movie would be like the young Indiana Jones. And it would be a poor rip off, where as the game is a decent rip off of Indiana Jones.

Megaton2922d ago

It's gonna be awful no matter what.

Quagmire2922d ago

"Thats unfortunate, considering this game..."


"...has Uncharted Potential"


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