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When Sony’s PlayStation Move launched back in September, it came out swinging. One of the only things missing from the intial launch line-up, was a good fighting game. The Fight: Lights Out just released for the PlayStation Move to fill that void. Is it a worthy contender as a motion-controlled fighting game? Find out in PSLS in-depth review.

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doctorstrange2901d ago

I'm truly saddened this game sucks, I had such high hopes

MAJ0R2901d ago

reviews were in like a week ago, everyone knew this was gona suck

Trexman892901d ago

From the videos it looked good....but damn

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2901d ago

I think it's pretty good. Got it mainly to get back in shape but I think the gameplay is good. Worked up a good sweat too lol.

Dir_en_grey2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

I got the game and totally did not regret buying.

The "bad" part that most reviewers said about this game is that at the beginning the developers purposely slow down your punches, purposely make them miss, and purposely make them weak randomly because (I guess) they want to add in replay value to build up your stats for the character (Power, Speed, Stamina, Accuracy etc). The on screen character will reflect your movement more accurately as you build up your stats according to each category however.

The Fight is more like a "Game" instead of of a "Simulation" like Sports Champions. I'm guessing it's a balance issue since there are online/off line multi-player and they want to make it "fair" for everybody to fight? But being able to level up stats is already unfair in a fighting game anyway (stats DO reflect on online multiplay) I really think they should've just made this game a "1:1 Sim" like Sports Champions.

The problem is the stats just defeats the purpose of 1:1 control. It makes it seem ridiculously inaccurate at times because the way the game "nerfs" you and it does show up on screen. Once I built up my stats the game does reflect better "Sync" with me and my character and my character will not "mess up" or "slow down" as much. But people who just started the game will get a feeling that the controls are bad and not 1:1, this is a really bad call on the developers IMO.

They could've still add in stun animation with your punches when you land them but just let the opponent recover faster and deal less damage etc., and not like you've just punched them in the face but your punch reflects like you've just punched a concrete wall when the game "nerfs" you, and not randomly mess with the animation of your punches to make it whiff, which feels like the controller just broke. The stamina bar I understand, is to prevent people from flailing their arms endlessly spamming weak punches online, but just like real boxing people can just back away and the player will just get tired in real life doing that.

I really hope they just ditch the stats and patch this into a 1:1 simulator instead of 1:(will purposely mess up your power and animation on screen at random depending on your stats to make this game look inaccurate).

After a few days I am liking this game more and more. Because you have to build up your stats to get better sync, I want to play more and more to level up and win more online fights; I played it so much that I can barely raise my arms but I still want to play more to get more points to level up.
But it would've been a way better game if this was a boxing sim and people just had to work out and get fit for real to get better at the game (Your "stats" in real life goes up playing this game already anyway).

They took a different approach than Sports Champions, which caused them to get low review scores. BUT I would still recommend this game to people that liked Sports Champions because despite all the stuff I said, I am having a lot of fun with this game, and when not playing I'm praying that my arms would heal faster so I can hurry up and play more of the game. This game does give you great upper body work out, now I just need Kung-Fu Live so I can do tons of crazy kicks for lower body =)

gluv652901d ago

Build your avatar through training don't listen to these reviews these guys probably didn't have patience to train. watch this video and tell me this isn't good.

scruffyexaminer2899d ago

This title is something entirely new. It is a simulator and RPG. No one has ever seen it before, and the reviews are meaningless.

Have a look at my YouTube vid:

scruffyexaminer2899d ago

gluv already referenced it. Thanks dude!

Fishy Fingers2901d ago

Do we have a "worst game of the year", because the "fighting" genre is going to be a close call, this and Fighters Uncaged.

I'd say let them fight it out, but it would be crap.

Sev2901d ago

That would be the worst fight ever.

I had such high hopes for this, and I really enjoyed the fight I played at E3. I might have been on a high from all the crazyness that is E3. I don't know how I didn't see how terrible this game was even then.

pinksteak092901d ago

you just contradicted yourself bro

mac_sparrow2901d ago

Try it, whether this game is for you or not all boils down to whether you can actually throw a punch or not.

I, like the others enjoying this after having the balls to ignore reviews, am really enjoying it.

(Not commenting on your balls Sev, just the lack of them metaphorically speaking on gamers in general).

rdgneoz32901d ago

I'd say Fighters Uncaged would win it, seeing as the developers stated that they were using a lot of gesture based controls (which people had criticized The Fight about at first).

Wakka_2901d ago

I knew it was going to suck, ya? It looked slow and unresponsive.


you give the real Wakka a bad name...

come_at_me_bro2901d ago

Wakka never had a good name. Awful character.


i thought he was a fun character because he was so dumb hahaha

Pennywise2901d ago

Sev... Wow... just wow. You really blew it on this one.

Out of shape people need not apply for this game.

All day at work I have been sore from playing this game. I thought it was pretty accurate. My punched swung in game just as I was swinging in my living room.

I don't understand why people cry about the calibration. It takes 5 seconds. Complaining just to complain is stupid. The game tells you that you will need to hit O often to fix your arms. It isnt the most convenient way to make sure your punches are correct, but it works.

Moving with the move button and leaning the controller is very responsive and a cool way to move around. I like it... you complain about it.

And - You state light punches arent different than heavy punches. Lies. This game is getting slammed in reviews and it really brings to light how out of shape reviewers are. It really blows my mind that people don't understand their concept in making you have to train to get your attributes up. It MAKES FOR A LONGER GAME. If you jump in and it is 1:1 from the get go, there wouldnt be much depth at all... The Fight makes you earn money to train.

When you start the games your punches are less effective then after you train a few times. Every time you train your punches get stronger and faster and more accurate. Maybe this is what people aren't understanding.

I agree you should be able to move your feet... You can move your feet, just stay in the same spot. The game isnt asking much. I couldn't get the head tracking to work because of "background noise and flickering", but I was able to fight in almost darkness with no problem.

Anyone who gets this game and plans on not getting exhausted or getting in shape is kidding themselves. It is a fun game, plus a good workout.

I would give this game at least 7/10 from what I have played. I will play this weekend and give a review. But, I totally disagree with all of these reviews. Bunch of weinie arm punchers. L2Punch.

Wakka_2901d ago

Hahaha, your comment made me laugh. Praise be to Yevon!

Nariko-20112901d ago

Sony could have served you up a giant hairy turd and you'd still award it 7 out of 10...too bad fanboy points count for jack

Seijoru2901d ago

At least that turd won't overheat.

rdgneoz32901d ago

@Seijoru And then make you pay for another turd to replace it, which a certain company with then count towards its sales/install base.

mac_sparrow2901d ago

Actually Nariko, Pennywise PM'd me asking for my honest opinion of the game before he made the jump or not. I gave it, and I'm glad to see another person who is open minded and can look beyond reviews enjoying what will prove to be an under-appreciated title.

Sev2901d ago

@ Pennywise...

I'm glad you are enjoying this game, I am glad someone is. I for one sure as hell did not.

I understand the concept about having to train to make your fighter better, but the game wasn't good enough for me to want to put the time in to do that.

At the end of the day, I couldn't give it a higher score because I couldn't in my right mind tell the millions of PSLS readers to spend their money on this game. Not when there are a ton of great games out there this holiday season.

outwar60102901d ago

maybe your lazy? I tried this game out and it really is amazing!

M-Easy2901d ago

Nice review Penny I'll check it out

mac_sparrow2901d ago

The word of mouth is where this title will be a slow burner I think. It's not gonna be a huge seller, nor move systems, but for those open to new ideas it's good fun.

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