'Killzone 2 AI is aggressively good' - Game Informer Magazine

Onaxis have the latest Killzone 2 preview straight from the October 2007 issue of Game Informer. It's basically full of news, old screens, but still looking good. They said the graphics were good, the gameplay was smooth, and the AI was aggressively good.

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TriggerHappy4155d ago

Great preview, even though is a little old, good to see how much effort and dedication the developers are putting into the title.

power of Green 4155d ago

I think people were saying the AI was stupid more than talking about aggressivness. I'v seen aggressive Mushroom people in Mario.

LSDARBY4155d ago

He didnt say the AI was agressive he said it was "aggressively good"

Ri0tSquad4155d ago

bashing on a ps3 games is something POG attempts to typically but is he ever really successful?

Fisher3394155d ago

Why does PoG have any bubbles?

Whoooop4155d ago

He has bubbles, because before the bubble reset people were actually reading his comments and were annoyed by them..

Now, people don't really listen to him and do not take him seriously.

So, people aren't even wasting time removing his bubbles..

power of Green 4155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

Did he mention the meaning of the remark? could mean anything sounds like a witty comment saying two things at once could be wrong.

#2.3: Its because I'm not trying to flame I tell it how I see it why would anybody with any sense try and take bubbles for that comment the charactors often looked confused trying to figure out what to do getting shot at the same time, thats what people are talking about.

#3.2, Thats whats being said and understood in our reality most people live in on Planet Earth seems to be on par with what I seen(seen bad guy run up to gamer and get plugged stood there for a sec waiting to get plugged once more due to the Cell or whatever not reacting fast enough to the action):

Azures4155d ago

Why do you hate Sony green? I'm really curious to know what they did to you.

pacman6154155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

guys and gals, everyone knows power of green is a secret undercoversonylova, he gets on every news site that deals with sony, he spends hours upon hours trying to convince he is really a xbot lova , but we all know the score

P.S. power of green is also upset bc when KZ2 comes out we will get around 30 -50 GBytes of gameplay, something that no xbot will ever have, least not in this gen . APPLAUD NOW

RonDeMuerte4155d ago

Simple....haha the reason he hates them is because he can't afford their console......

chrno4155d ago

POW, u told me earlier that you never troll on ps3 threads, what a liar.

beavis4play4155d ago

i'm not ripping your opinion, but you want GI's opinion on how good the AI is? read the last page of the article. if you had read it, you would see how much they like the AI and how aggressive it is to respond to the players mistakes. go ahead and read, THEN MAKE COMMENTS.

The Wood4155d ago

power of Green is an articulate troll

Blitzed4155d ago

He was descriptive, he used examples, and stayed away from comparing it to the Xbox360, so you wont twitch or anything while you read it.

Keep up the good work though, your Xbox loves you too.

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Maddens Raiders4155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

-- "Boooooooooooooo" --

-- "But, but what about _______________?" -- 8D

Devr4155d ago

"B-but it'll still suck... somehow..."

Good to know. AI was the only thing in this game I was worried about. Can't wait.

Evil0Angel4155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

to fined anything MENTIONED about the aggressivly good A.I ? NOTHING ABOUT THE A.I was in the scans.
A.I is what going to make this game BIG HIT or THE BIGGEST floip
especially not long ago we heard this (MON AUG 27 2007) i do not think they fixed this next morning :

"While the game seems to have enormous potential, mostly because of it's over-the-top look and solid mechanics, I was very disappointed in Killzone 2's artificial intelligence system. The team said they knew that AI was a problem in the original Killzone, so they did a lot of work on it. They said they now operate in groups, can recognize destructible environments and respond to fire, but it didn't seem that way to me.

As I watched someone else play the game, I saw bad guys doing things like standing in the middle of an open door exchanging rapid-fire shots with the player, never bothering to move or get out of the way. Then I gave the game a hand and found enemies standing around, standing with their sides to me as I walked up to them. In one case, there were two bad guys standing next to each other. I walked up to them from the side, shot the first guy several times to kill him and then shot the second guy a single time. He didn't respond. I shot him again, nothing. So I killed him"
"I'm not saying that the game is deeply flawed, just that the AI is"

anyway we will find that in 2008

fopums4155d ago


couldn't read what they said? I have the issue, and here it is word for word.

"Most noticeable in the fights was the aggressive enemy AI, which was quick to take advantage of our failings. If we let up on the covering fire, they would quickly flank into a better position. And, as we learned, running out of ammunition during a crucial firefight was tantamount to suicide, as the enemies seemed to notice and charged our location."

and yes the spent hours with the demo, not minutes :D

beavis4play4155d ago

can't you read? check out the last page of the article. you and POW should really read what GI says. they like the AI.

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picker3324155d ago

I wonder when the release date will be? I know it will be next year but when?

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