GoozerNation: Call of Duty Black Ops: Stumbles, But Doesn't Fall

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was loved and hated. Loved enough to score 4.7 million sales in its first 24 hours. Following in its footsteps, and leaving just a wee bit bigger footprint, Black Ops smashed last year’s numbers by almost a million - 5.6 million total sales. While promising a great story and redefined multiplayer options, it looks as if this year’s iteration is going to be just as loved - and hated.

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kube002895d ago

Even though it has a few irritable issues its a decent game

JimmyJames702895d ago

This is the first CoD game that I didn't buy on release date. I'm kinda regretting it but I'll get to it soon!

NickX2895d ago

It's better than decent, it's very good. I can accept peoples opinions, but any score under 7/10 is pure BS and should be laughed at. For me this is 9/10 so far. (15 hours played)