Seven Stupid Flaws Removed from Kickass Games

Sometimes the smartest people waste their intelligence inventing new ways to cock up their games. Other times they include idiotic elements because they’re traditional.

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Undeadwolfy2897d ago

The plot of MGS is epic. Why remove it?

MeatPopsicle2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

And it is a cowardly way of trashing a masterpiece the Xbox fans at GameRadar now know they will never play on their 360 after begging and pleading for it for so long.

chilled2m2897d ago


You know ,maybe if I was like, 12 years old I would agree with you. That would be the only time in which I could "never" experience MGS4.(mom would never get me a ps3 AND a 360!) Is there some sort of rule where you are no longer allowed to purchase another system once you've got the other one? Otherwise,I fail to see how the 250$ entrance point of the PS3 assures me that I will never see the game. It's a personal choice to keep my XBOX. I realize that there are some amazing exclusive games on the ps3, but the same can be said about 360. (I'm going to get a million disagrees because I said something nice about the 360, just watch the rabbid fanboys descend)

Lighten up...

Acquiescence2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

but MGS's plot is told in the most piss-poor way imaginable. There's absolutely no sense of pace in most of the scenes, which is vital in any action-centric game/movie (watch The Terminator and see how exposition is delivered in that film, it's masterful). So much time dedicated to monologues/plot details just straight-up kills a games momentum.

I'd like to add that the first MGS was probably the only game that got it right, but you can pin that down to it being a PSOne game, and thus development on it would've been confined to its limited disc space (no 20 minute cut-scenes possible - hurrah!). Kojima seriously needs to play Uncharted 2, Red Dead Redemption or even Enslaved, if he hasn't already, to get a true sense of how to tell a story efficiently within the game medium.

Ooh, this is going to go down well.

soundslike2897d ago

not if you played it pure stealth. I say this because you are constantly doing the same part over to get it perfect and not get spotted that by the time you reach the checkpoint the cutscenes come as a HUGE relief. Also I really liked mission briefing to get me pumped to do what I needed to do.

but if you just buy some guns from drebin and rush through...yea the cut scenes will kill the pacing. completely

"No place for hideo"

ZombieNinjaPanda2897d ago


MGS4 was essentially a fan service. It's first goal was wrapping up the story, not being some sort of vital action centric game/movie.

mac_sparrow2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Enslaved, on how to tell a story? The story was mediocre and the gameplay played itself. The characters were trite and annoying, and the so called twist was ill-conceived. For once I actually agree with almost everything Yahtzee has to say about a game.

Darrius Cole2897d ago

All these games that you mentioned would sell their soul to be Metal Gear Solid.

That's like saying Peyton Manning should study Tony Romo to see how to be a good quarterback.

Metal Gear Solid has been great since BEFORE PSOne. Its formula works just fine not actually it is great.

Tuxedo_Mask2897d ago

I would have liked Red Dead Redemption better if it had less story and more choice. Granted, it is a great game, but it seems kind of odd that you can be an outlaw outside of the main story and yet still be working on "reforming". Plus I wouldn't have helped a lot of the NPCs, Seth just to name one, if the story hadn't forced me to.

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chilled2m2897d ago

God, you kids really must have nothing better in your life to do than bitch about when someone dares insults your beloved MGS. There's even a comment on here managing to link the xbox with gamesradar. The article is meant to be humorous, nothing more. It's a well established fact that a lot of people (even those writing for established publications) felt as though the MGS series was getting progressively more "cutscene" happy. Several plot details could have been explained through in game dialogue rather than the cutscenes themselves. The article is simply jokingly suggesting that the plot (which at times can be convoluted) be taken out. I don't think anyone actually believes this. It's a JOKE!

thor2897d ago

It's the drebin point system that was the main flaw in MGS4. The story was awesome (it was only contrived because it tried to wrap up sometimes contradictory plot threads from previous games). Just drebin points made the game too easy (especially the bosses) if you didn't force yourself to not use it or the more powerful weapons. On-site procurement as in the previous games was a much better system.

2897d ago
Snake Raiser2897d ago

That is like saying that they should remove the shooting from Call of Duty. It's the main point of the game. Obviously just trying to get some hits. Most lists like this are just for hits, they all just make BS claims about popular games because they know that more people will pay attention if they attack something popular.

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Evolve2897d ago

MGS Franchise Best Game Ever of all time.

VersusEM2897d ago

I'm currently playing the MGS franchise from 1 to 4 now for the first time, I so far it is pretty good. I bought MGS4 a while back in 2009, but it didn't feel right playing it without playing the others first. And so far the game is badass!

Matthew942897d ago

in MGS4 9/10 cutscenes start with "the nanomachines..."

its SO fucking boring and i love mgs

gamerdude1322897d ago

For some reason, this list pissed me off and I have NO idea why. Meh.

Eiffel2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

It pissed you off, yet you don't know why? That makes sense. /s

Darrius Cole2897d ago

I didn't know that about Assasin's Creed 2 on PC. But I must agree, that sucks.