Activision: We Don't Have An Ego Problem

Activision Blizzard has told shareholders it doesn't have an ego problem, and assured them it "constantly" studies its competitors for ways to improve.

Speaking at the BMO Digital Entertainment Conference, COO Thomas Tippl said the publisher frequently looks to re-apply other companies' good practices - but wouldn't name specific rivals it looks at.

"While we are today, we believe by any objective measure, the clear industry leader, there's no room for complacency at Activision Blizzard," he said.

"We constantly look around. We look at our competitors but also - and maybe even more importantly - we look at other media companies, other online companies, companies in places like China and Korea and see what they do best."

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Shackdaddy8362987d ago

The company is barely the best at anything. CoD is like the only good game they have(and thats still kinda debatable). Everything else is either complete [email protected] or is made by blizzard.

I cant wait till blizzard gets fed up with being the only thing keeping the company from nose-diving and decides to leave.

CameronL992986d ago

Well to be fair, they did come up with Guitar Hero which to my knowledge made them truckloads of money, but their CEO is the biggest asshole on the planet with an ego bigger than the goodyear blimp. The bad mouthing that Kotick has done towards other developers is staggering, he obviously rests on the laurels of GH and COD to get his company by, which is why he has no problem burning bridges by completely destroying any relationship Activision had with developers and other publishers (like EA).

Sevir042986d ago

kotic however, does, and since he's always yapping and most see him as the face of AV, the company inadvertently becomes branded as arrogant and full of ego because of kotic.

frjoethesecond2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

@The Title