Kinect Vs. Gran Turismo 5 Determines Second Place In Console War (RunDLC)

When Sony announced the November 24th U.S. launch date for Gran Turismo 5, the message was clear: it wants to dominate Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. Most importantly, it plans to destroy Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and its recently released Kinect peripheral.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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Zir02898d ago

GT5 is one game, it will sell well and boost hardware but only for about a week and then sales will become normal. Kinect will likely keep 360 sales high consistently throughout the rest of the generation.

ShinMaster2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

How does Kinect vs any game determine anything???

And why is Kinect in the same sentence as Gran Turismo?
Kinect is not even a game.

nix2898d ago

every soccer mom eed not buy GT5.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2898d ago

So Kinect is all MS/360 has to go up against the might GT5? No actual games I see.

This is just beyond pathetic.

darthv722898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

hey, I am a preferred 360 fan but even I wouldnt make a dumb assessment as that. The GT series has quite a following and has been known to be a true "system seller".

In a bizarro world it would be neat to see the mighty GT get passed up by kinect. Actually, I will be watching to see how it goes down. Many times people have said this game or that game will be the one to put PS3 on top (or closer to it).

This IS the game to do that and if it doesnt then....MS has something to really brag about at the game conferences.

edit: come to think of it, (hypothetically speaking) what if it did? Sony had spent all this time and $$ to ensure a quality title and yet it doesnt sell the system like many diehard's would like to believe.

GT5 will sell, no doubt about that.

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Bigpappy2898d ago

But "Zir0" is right about Kinect selling More consoles than GT5. Just watch the numbers when they are released. You guys have been wrong on Kinect before it was release and are still here trying to down play its potential for M$. Those casual gamers, that you guys love to hate, do not own 360's yet.

renegade2898d ago

You think that the kinect will stay selling for ever like it selling right now, naah i not think soo ay be last 1 month or 2.

edgeofblade2898d ago

Maybe overselling Kinect a little... but certainly going to have a bigger impact than GT5. You may not like it, but that's probably how it's going to shake out.

Clarence2898d ago

You must be smoking. Most PS3 games sale well over time. GT5 will cause the PS3 console sales to boost for a least a month or two.

dirtydbz2898d ago

boy I love gt5 and I hate to say this but kinect may lose on black friday
but all in all I see it as moving more hardware than gt5 will
for the simple fact that bobby and his sister sue can play together while gt5
bobby isn't letting sue touch the dam controler ( ok parents which game are you getting for your family)
then it will boil down to return on investment if knuckelheads will pay $60 for shovelware on kinect for games that may cost 1-2 million to develop and they sell 1/10th the amount of games that gran turismo sells the game would still make a better return on investment
I for one am not happy about that possibility but it very well could happen

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TheDCD2898d ago

It'll be a tough race, for sure.

SmokexFFx2898d ago

Never underestimate the power of casual gamers. Kinect will own Black Friday and every other day this holiday.

frostypants2898d ago

Not if MS doesn't market it better. For spending $500 million, their TV advertising sure is pretty awful and the average consumer STILL has no idea what Kinect is.

Biggest2898d ago

How will Kinect at full retail price do anything during Black Friday? Are you having trouble understanding what Black Friday is about?

edgeofblade2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

What's with the disagrees for SmokexFFx? This is pretty much a fact. We gamers buy games year round. The casuals and the kiddies who don't make any money... they do almost all their buying at Christmas...

Kinect will PROBABLY wipe the floor with GT5. In fact, I don't see a lot of hype driving for PS3 adoption through the end of the year. Face it, if you want a PS3 for this holiday's lineup, you probably already have one.

@frosty: Look where they spent that $500 million... Oprah, The View, Ellen... mothers who do the Christmas shopping. Your opinion of Microsoft's ads is completely useless. What really matters is how the money gets laid down.

JonnyBigBoss2898d ago

I'll take the ultimate driving experience at $60 over a $150 casual peripheral that requires enormous amounts of space any day, any year.

SmokexFFx2898d ago

It;s not the "ultimate driving experience" without the ultimate driving wheel!

$189.98 please.

vangl762898d ago

I picked this up earlier this week when amazon had it for $99. That plus I will be getting back $30 from the logitech rebate. Can't beat a wheel like that at 69.99

number472898d ago

Kinects Casual experience, like Netflix/Zune/Hulu require online.

$209.00 please.

frostypants2898d ago

What do you mount the wheel to? I do want one but I don't want to be hunched over a coffee table, and I don't want to have to build some silly contraption just to use it.

A buddy of mine has a wheel for his 360 and I swear I get back aches from using it.

SmokexFFx2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )


Is that the best you can think of? Really, who buys Kinect with the soul use of Netflix/Zune/Hulu in mind? People who buy Kinect want the motion gaming part.


Lucky you. Nice price.

fierysensation2898d ago


I got something like this:

and mounted the wheel to it. I put the folding table under a heavier table that was taller and put my HD LCD monitor on the Heavier table. I put the shifter on an arm of a heavy chair and use another chair to sit. Kinda improvised.

Oner2898d ago

Here is my setup frostypants ~

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edgeofblade2898d ago

Did Sony pay you for that comment, jieack? If not, you should realize just how ridiculous that sounds.... like a car commercial.

redsquad2898d ago

Nah, I suspect he just employed 'common sense', and it told him that a well-constructed driving sim will be of far more value and lasting appeal than a new games controller (which, despite all the fawning hype, is ALL Kinect is)

Fishy Fingers2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Another awesome RunDLC opinion piece. So bizarre are they that they have a disclaimer on their own articles.

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