Goldeneye 007 - HG review

HookedGamers writes: "I know it's not just me that likes to reminisce about favorite games of years gone by. I know heaps of gamers whose favorite game was one that was originally housed on a floppy disc, a CD or even a cartridge that slotted into their console of choice. It seems too, that many current developers have a fond memory for those old classics, as many old favorites are being remade on today's various platforms. One such game was/is GoldenEye 007."

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EvilTwin2900d ago

"The single player campaign will last about 6-8 hours. Not really that long, but sufficient for a Wii game."
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Huh? 6-8 hours is par for the course for any modern online-centric FPS now. And most of 'em don't give you the choice of stealth, either.

I'm playing through it now. The singleplayer is fantastic. I'd go as far as to say that for shooters with an online focus, this is the best singleplayer campaign I've played this gen. The multi...I dunno. It's possible that I'm just getting in games where the host has a bad connection causing some lag, but it's almost EVERY match, which leads me to believe that this game's online just isn't a steady 30 fps. Even Reflex had a steadier framerate. It's still quite playable, but not as smooth as I thought it would be.

Gr812900d ago

You bit the bullet huh? I must be a slow player because the singleplayer on the Operative difficulty took me closer to 10 hrs than 6. And then with the higher difficulty comes more objectives to complete, which really adds to the experience.

The choise of stealth, instead of guns-a-blazin' also adds a dimension not utilized with other modern fps'. I'm really loving it.

I've only gone online once but it was buttery smooth. I just got my ass whooped so decided to sharpen my skills offline first. We'll PM each other's FC's.

IMO, this is the best fps on Wii hands down. And in terms of the singleplayer campaign, it trumps damn near every fps this gen.

EvilTwin2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Yep, I couldn't resist. I traded in 3 games and got GE. Most reviewers probably played the single player on the lowest difficulty...and even that is no pushover, tbh.

The stealth aspect is the best part of the game. It's what stops things from feeling like "Call of GoldenEye."

One of the guys I regularly talk to at IGN said he thought the online was usually chugging around 24 fps. That's not bad; it's certainly playable. But I think they sacrificed a little fluidity for more detailed graphics. It's still good, but I don't think the online quite tops COD.

The singleplayer, though, walks on anything COD has ever done. I'm with you in saying it pretty much trumps every FPS this gen. At least for online-focused games (Prime 3 is still king for singleplayer FP-view games on the Wii, I think).