Obligated to Game's David Craig writes:

"The other day, I sat down to begin a new title in my favorite franchise, and I almost immediately regretted my decision. It wasn’t that the game was necessarily bad – I personally know people that enjoyed it. However, there were several design decisions made about the gameplay that I simply abhorred. Now most people in this situation would probably put the game down, never to return to it again. Perhaps they’d even sell it back to Gamestop or through eBay. But not me. I, quite painfully, forced myself to return to the game time and time again, even though I knew it wasn’t going to get any better. Why did I do this? Because I suffer from a malady I refer to as “G.O.” - the Gamer’s Obligation."

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gamerdude1322899d ago

What game was he playing that was so bad?

My guess is Fable III since everyone says it screwed up a lot of Fable II's elements.

And I had the same problem with Rogue Warrior. Thank God it was a short game.

SmokexFFx2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

I would guess Final Fantasy 13/14.

He says: "I forced myself to keep going because I had played EVERY previous game in the series."

It's a stretch to say that about Fable since there are only two games before, he would have probubly said "I had played both previous games" or something.

k2d2898d ago

Seing this is an opinion piece. My game of regret is FF12/13.