Unlock Beauty of Annihilation from Der Riese (Black Ops Nazi Zombies)

StrengthGamer: This Easter Egg is found in the map Kino der Toten. There are three meteorite rocks hidden within the map, that you must look at and "interact" with. You'll know you've done it because your character will make a remark about it.

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WutPleaze2901d ago

I love that song. No joke, it's my ringtone!

SuperSaiyan42900d ago

The single player is totally rubbish so is zombies, graphically the game fails and so does for it's single player experience.
Dead ops was superb though.

Unbornkirkster192900d ago

Wager matches are insanely fun!

Dave13512900d ago

I actually liked the single player storyline. sure the graphics weren't the best. but as for multiplayer infinity ward does it better.

Berserk2900d ago Show
SuperSaiyan42900d ago

Abusive comment and 10 disagrees funny how on other pages about this game soo many people saying its terrible etc. I got rid of my copy of the game good riddance another terrible game from Treyarch gonna miss infinity ward.

NickX2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

The kid trash talking this fine FPS has a dragon ball z pic, lol

Go to bed kid, it's past your bed time.

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