We Are Arcade Review: Kinectimals: A 6-Year-Old Girls Point of View

We Are Arcade likes to be honest in the Community Column section - so a review by a 6-year-old may be unusual, but it's Kinectimals target market - and so more honest than most reviews.

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gravemaker2949d ago

i'm 20 and this game is pretty awesome

rroded2948d ago

"would give Kinectimals 100/10 because it’s different because you use your hands and you are the controller and it’s cool.It would be good for older people too, but children will like it the most because they like running around and playing. If a child doesn’t like running around and playing then that’s not a child, that’s a boring grown-up."

whos 6 year old talks like a ms pr person? jus asking the whole "you are the controller" line either its coached ad libed or at worst your kid watches way to many kinect commercials.

WeAreArcade2948d ago

i thought that - but when asked she simply stated...'but you are the controller - well - your hands are'

WeAreArcade2949d ago

We think more kids should review games....