The Top 10 Mood Trailers

Most game trailers follow recognizable patterns that are readily identifiable for anyone that's seen enough of them. Perhaps the most typical is the slow build up to a furious amount of action starting in the middle, with the game's title and main credits appearing, and maybe a send off of some monster roaring at the camera. What I'm writing about now, however, is what IndustryGamers dubs “mood trailers.”

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donniebaseball2900d ago

Interesting piece. I do feel that some of these trailers are definitely more artistic and play off an emotional vibe. I like the Halo believe one a lot.

Yi-Long2900d ago

... and I don't even really like Halo...

The trailer for Assassin's Creed 1 (Lonely Soul) should have been in this list though. It's one of the best trailers of this generation.