Homefront Offers a Deal While CEO Says $60 is Too Expensive

THQ's President, Brian Farrell, told a conference group this week that "It's not how high a price can we get, but how many users." He was referring to the current $60 price tag that the gaming industry has placed on new titles. Brian thinks $60 is too high and it is "keeping people out." This week only, players who pre-order Homefront will receive a $10 gift-card from THQ

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yarbie10002896d ago

And I thought he was dropping prices just to be nice :-(

ijkabob2895d ago

And Kotick wants to raise the prices of games... whoever bought COD is doing gamers a great disfavor.

Active Reload2895d ago

"Kotick mentioned the health of the national economy, calling video games 'probably the cheapest form of entertainment you can buy' on a cost-per-hour basis. 'I think we've generally tried to do things like encourage our customers to used-game sales, probably more so than our competitors. But you know, we're very mindful of what's happening macroeconomically and I think that that plays a role when we're thinking about the price of our content.' When asked about his thoughts on the future of the $60 boxed retail product Kotick said, 'We haven't really raised the price of our products. I can remember selling 8-bit Nintendo cartridges for $59.95. That's in 1990, 1991. We haven't seen the price of video games increase that much over the 20 years that I've been doing this.' And it's that retail product – not the map packs or the DLC – that drives most of the profits for games like Call of Duty. And with the sudden exodus of key talent and management from Infinity Ward, Call of Duty's founding studio, earlier this year, Activision's ability to release annual retail blockbusters was seemingly in jeopardy."

BattleAxe2895d ago

This game is looking very interesting from what I've seen so far. Might be a good CoD replacement once subscriptions or micro transactions kick in.

Shackdaddy8362896d ago

I'm getting this game and Crysis 2. I cant wait for both :)

xxxAnubisxxx2896d ago

Yeah, they both look pretty good. I think Crysis 2 could go either way though... might suck

dukegodtezza2896d ago

if its half as good as frontlines it will b day 1 for me

TekoIie2896d ago

If its half as good as frontlines then its shit dude. I dont want AI which know exactly where i am 200 metres away after firing a sniper rifle. In other words the AI sucked MP was lackluster and it was an terrible attempt at a COD killer. This will definatly turn out better but i have to wait for the game to come out to truly find out...

yarbie10002896d ago

Honestly, Crysis 2 felt like Blacklight Tango Down when I was playing it...of course its way too early to tell

RememberThe3572896d ago

I talked a whole lot of crap about the Medal of Honor beta but when it released I loved it. So, I've learned my lesson to just wait til the game is released.

lostinplace2896d ago

$60 is the standard. I don't have a problem paying that much at all.

xxxAnubisxxx2896d ago

I agree. If you can't pay $60, get a job or stop playing games

yarbie10002896d ago

I think thats a pretty silly comment..just because you have a job doesn't mean you need to spend $60 on a game.

xxxAnubisxxx2896d ago

I can't name another form of technological entertainment that can last up to 80 hrs of fun for as cheap as $60

RememberThe3572896d ago

Not all $60 game turn out to be worth it.

Beyond that we payed $50 last gen and we often got more content and play time out of games.

I rent most of my games because there are so many I want to play but I don't feel are worth the price tag. I would be nice to see prices drop so that I could buy more games.

Sarcasm2896d ago

Let's face it, with the weakening dollar, inflation and the economy in the jacked up slump that it is, $60 is the right price. That plus how much it costs to make the games they do today, so the developers deserve it. The team sizes and technology they use is starting to rival movies. So pay the $60 on games that are worth it to you and stop complaining you cheap skates.

VenGencE9992895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

u people saying $60 bucks is a good price are idiots.period. EVERY game they come out with is NOT, I repeat, NOT worth $60 bucks. there should be some type of tier system, where games are priced due to content and length of the game,etc.

There is no way you are going to tell me that it took tons of money to make Ironman2, or that that piece of crap is worth 60 bucks

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JLesinski2896d ago

Wish this was a list price discount instead of a gift card. If it's THQ specific, who cares?

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