Call of Duty: Black Ops: Where Do We Go From Here?

Treyarch’s latest chapter in the Call of Duty series has blown everyone’s doors off, but now the question has to be asked: where exactly does the series go from here?

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TenSteps2896d ago

From what I'll be speculating since I doubt Treyarch will handle Modern Warfare the two places I see it going are future warfare or an alternate reality warfare.

Then again i do have minimal understanding in war history so yeah my comment is worth noting as nothing...

maxcavsm2896d ago

Ugh, future warfare. Just what the gaming world needs: more space marines.

TenSteps2895d ago

Future doesn't necessarily have to be about space marines and aliens and such you know.

SpinalRemains1382895d ago

Let's get 1 thing straight. Before we ask where we are going to go from here; let us first have a sufficient "here". Right now the PS3 version of "here" is laggy and total crap. Maybe we can go forward with a proper version of this game before we look toward the future. The game is 4 days old!