The 7 best FPS games ever

CVG: We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to list our picks for the seven best first-person shooters of all time.

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Elwenil3606d ago

5- Rainbow Six Rogue Spear
4- Ghost Recon
2- Battlefield 2
1- Rainbow Six Raven Shield

And yes, they are all PC based games since console shooters still have a way to go to match the classic FPS games on PC in my opinion.

VenGencE9993606d ago

lol, "classic" he says...


1. Counter Strike ( paved the way for Call of Duty)
2. Duke Nukem 3D
3. Doom
4. Wolfenstein 3D
5. Golden Eye

These are the ones that pretty much set the standards.

RememberThe3573607d ago

But I think developers have built upon that foundation very well. Those games set the standard for all shooters but I wouldn't say they are the best anymore.

This industry builds off of itself. If you were to say that those were the most influential shooters I'd have a hard time disagreeing but I feel like those games have been surpassed by now. They were indeed the best of their time, but time has moved on.

Bagenholt3607d ago

...Though I'm surprised Unreal Tournament isn't in there. Since, if I'm remembering correctly, it was Unreal that invented secondary attack. Left-click = Fire rocket Right-click = Fires a spread. Hadn't been done until then.

ico923606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

Duke Nukem 3D is actually a pretty mediocre FPS it never really done anything for the genre as a whole, the only thing it had was shock value, and its vulgar protaganist.

And speaking of Goldeneye, it was a great shooter for its time despite the fact that there were better shooters released around its time, but it also didn't do much, contrary to belief's all it really did was create a market for FPS on consoles, everything else was done and refined by Halo CE. By todays standards the game imho is quite horrible, all it is , is an early 90's pc shooter with ramped up 64 bit graphics. Everything from Level design to controls is dated. Goldeneye is a game that hasn't aged well and is one the most overrated games ever.

felix883606d ago

Lol Duke Nukem 3D has some of the best and most creative levels ever seen in FPS, you are ignorant and clueless.

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Droid Control3607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

1. Half-Life 2
2. Halo: Combat Eveloved
3. Goldeneye 007
4. Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warefare

My list is based on games that still hold up today, and offer the best and most unique experiences within the FPS genre.

RememberThe3573607d ago

I would put Killzone 2 in place of XIII though, but that's just me.

HDgamer3607d ago

My list
Golden Eye
Killzone 2
Duke Nukem 64
Modern Warfare

Rush3607d ago

Ultimate PS3 fanboy list right there.

HDgamer3607d ago

Oh I list 2 ps3 exclusives and now I'm a fanboy. I'm pretty sure you would've chose some 360 exclusives for yours then proclaim you're not a fanboy. Really pathetic.

N4WAH3606d ago

stop using words you obviously don't understand.

Personally it is my belief that we should keep our minds sharp regardless of age. I myself look into a dictionary every single day and choose a word at random. Learn it's spelling, meaning and how to properly use it in a sentence.

You should start doing so yourself. It might help you build up self confidence. Something I think that most likely is lacking in your life.

Here let me help out by picking the first word for you to learn.
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killer_tornado3607d ago

Killzone 2 / Mag

Please let us know what did they do to deserve that place ? what did they do for the FPS genre ??

OT: I would swap Halo 3 with Halo CE: in that list

NnT32913607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

Maybe because it's his list, not everyone's list ?. He likes Kz2 and Mag, these game did something for him. Simple


MAG is the FIRST FIRST PERSON SHOOTER that can boast to have 256 PLAYERS IN ON BATTLE! not that boring 5 ON 5 that every other crappy over rated game has... It is better than BLACK OPPS and has the best team based gameplay on any fps...

Killzone 2 boast the BEST GRAphics on any first person shooter and no call of duty game comes close...n I t also has 30 players online which is more than cod and the story mode is one of the best this GEN...

Terror_B3606d ago


I lol'd so had at the post.

So what if MAG can do 256 players? The game is horrible.

KZ2 does not have the best graphics, that crown still belongs to crysis. What do graphics matter anyway? Duke3d is 10 times the game KZ2 is and its older than you.

HDgamer3606d ago

Killzone 2 AI's is really good, besides that the multiplayer is actually addictive to me and other people who play online which is a lot.

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Daoshai3606d ago

Gotta agree, any list that includes MAG has some bias.

nnotdead3606d ago

MAG happens to be in my top 3 most played online FPS ever. im not sure if it would make my top 7 FPS ever, but for many it does.

"any list that includes MAG has some bias." thats kind of a weird statement. any personal list is bias. that just the nature of doing a list.

CrzyFooL3606d ago



N4WAH3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

HD Gamer
My list would look something like this:
Counter Strike
Quake 2 (my favorite in the series)
Battlefield (the original PC version. although my PC gaming days are being me now. My favorite now is BFBC2)
Unreal Tournament
Modern Warfare (COD4)

I would put BFBC2 in my list but I didn't want to use the same franchise twice.

Honorable mention:
Halo CE
Golden Eye on the N64 (<- IMHO this game paved the way for shooters being done on a console)
KZ2 (only because I was surprised how much I enjoyed part 2 when I didn't care much for the original. I am really looking forward to KZ3. GG looks to really be stepping their game up with this one. The beta is excellent.

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Pandamobile3607d ago

Replace Halo 3 with Halo 1 and you've got yourself a good list.

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