IGN's dishonest Black Ops' reviews are dishonest.

Sarcastic Gamer finds a startling discovery across all four Black Ops' reviews published by IGN this week. You won't believe the kind of BS shenanigans found within.

From the article: "I do read IGN. I like the website. I visit it often. Because of this, I was particularly annoyed by a BS copy pasta review job by Nate Ahern, the editor that reviewed Black Ops for the 360 , PS3, PC and the Wii.

Turns out, he basically did one review for all four systems and copy pasta’d the hell out of it. Read on for the details because it gets far worse."

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MegaMohsi4973d ago

IGN loves doing this for multi-platform releases they will basically copy/paste into each review section with little tidbits added here and there. USUALLY it's not a big deal as all versions of the game usually play identical and look close enough to each other not to warrant different scores.

GamerSigma4973d ago

Is that they reported the same glitches across all four platforms which is completely dishonest.

MegaMohsi4973d ago

Yeah I remember back in 2008 their review for the PS3 version of Fallout 3 was "edited" after they had said the game looked and performed poorly to it's counterparts, so yeah I don't think IGN is clean at all.

Red_Orange_Juice4973d ago

necessary IGN's bashing is necessary

TooTall194973d ago

mmmmm copy pasta. I think I'll have that for dinner.

barom4973d ago

"What pisses me off is where he did a copy pasta job for the Wii version and was dishonest regarding glitches and AI problems across all of the versions. Look, I haven’t played the Wii version, I’m basically talking out of my ass here, but I”m going to go out on a limb and say this"

I'm not particularly fond of IGN but sarcasticgamer is way worse.

and lol @TooTall19

Hudahudahuda4973d ago

No real proffesional website should ever be using meme's. Apart from excluding tons of readers from their inside joke it makes the website on a whole lose alot of credibility and respect. Makes you feel like the editors who write for them are no different from the windbags you typically see in a comment section.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon4973d ago (Edited 4973d ago )

Oh IGN... pfft.

antz11044973d ago

I completely agree with what the author is saying, but I just think its sad that we have to do multiple reviews for one game across so many platforms.

visualb4973d ago

IGN loves the copy pasta

Sarcasm4973d ago

Why is everyone bashing Lono when it's true? The Wii version should have been reviewed independently, not copy and pasted and then given a random score.

Aquanox4972d ago

While this is awfully written it does hold some truth. The best version is the PC version, visually it kicks the hell of console's versions ass. There must be a difference between those reviews.

Wii on the other hand, should be reviewed entirely different, that's past gen hardware.

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Fan Tastic4973d ago (Edited 4973d ago )

I love the title, I'm going to write a book "the dishonest man is not dishonest".

Who cares, COD is the McDonald's of the FPS world, both sell a ton and both lack in quality.

TheRealist21024973d ago

Had to lol..never heard that before..

Shepherd 2144972d ago

Because McDonald's is supposed to be a gourmet restaurant and all.

MrMccormo4973d ago

Anyone trusting IGN's reviews at this point should be banished.

tacosRcool4973d ago

That must mean that these people who trust IGN review already live in caves, so where to banish them?

chazjamie4972d ago

i only trust their commentary on "babes". thats one thing they got right. such hot girls.

Shepherd 2144971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

So who do you trust? Aside from yourself.

troncoparati4973d ago

when you take in consideration all the people that go to this sites to decide if their hard earned 60 bucks should go to that game. Misleading those people should be something he should avoid...not triplicate.

Fan Tastic4973d ago

Indeed. IGN has gone downhill in a major way. I think it started around GTA IV reviews (10's all across, hahahahahahahahahah)

Baka-akaB4973d ago

i wouldnt feel sorry for those guys . It's easy to spot a place with worthless reviews that are basically (badly) hidden ads .

You just use the brain for a short while while reading , wich everyone , yes everyone is capable to accomplish .
But no instead they blindly trust ... serves them right .

And it's not as if they would usually even complain afterwards .

lucifon4973d ago

Love seeing the use of 'Copy Pasta'. Originated in MikeB's FF14 BFF Report video.

RE the article - the game elements quoted from the review will apply to all versions. The wii version's Singleplayer is pretty much identical, it just doesn't look as good.

Parapraxis4973d ago

Copy Pasta originated on 4chan, and I'm not proud of knowing that.

visualb4973d ago (Edited 4973d ago )

and no it didn't originate from MikeB's FF14 BFF report, he got it from other people using it before him =)

most memes either come from 4chan/japanese 4chan (forgot the name) or youtube


phantomexe4973d ago (Edited 4973d ago )

the wii and the ps3 aren't differnt so i'm beting the xboxs and the pcs aren't all that differnt. Just saying because i've seen the ps3 and wiis. grafics wise yes nothing else.

vhero4972d ago

Sounds like somebody's butt hurt Black Ops didn't get a high score?