HD DVD rotting too?

A person from an HDDVD forum (apparently posted on BluRay Forum) got an issue with HDDVD.

Picture is included.

Have a read.

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MaximusPrime4155d ago

so Bluray is not the only one that is rotting. HDDVD too.

Evil0Angel4155d ago

all optical discs route so what the point of this post ???

tplarkin74155d ago

The reason all things decay is original sin. Don't worry, we will go to heaven after we decay. I'm not sure about HD-DVD disks, though. Will HD-DVD disks and Blu-Ray disks go to heaven? Only God knows. :)

MaximusPrime4155d ago

reason why i said that is because i meant it for HD format.
I didnt know DVD are affected too because i never seen one or heard about it.

DrPirate4155d ago

This happens to all types of disc media.

The problem is not with the media, it's the fact that it's on Earth, and Earth does not provide ideal conditions.

BIadestarX4155d ago

No digital rotting on digital distribution. Disk are so last gen!
And in case someone says.... what if you hard drive dies... uhhh.. I download again... trying doing that with your disk.

rev204155d ago

And if i want to take it to a mates house to watch it.

I want to watch it straight away not wait for enough to buffer to see it seemlessly.

You have a slow internet connection

You wanna watch a film and someone else is already using the internet.

haha Cd's are gonna be around for alot longer then you think

Close_Second4155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

I cut my original copies to my HDD to stream them around my house wirelessly. I also transfer the ones I want to my IPod for taking with me on holiday. Damn site easier then carting a wallet full of discs around and it means I can watch them as I travel or on the big screen when I plug the IPod into a TV.

Just like the floppy disc was replaced with CD, CD will one day fall to digital distribution.

BIadestarX4155d ago

Just like the xbox 360.. detach the hard drive.. take it to your friend.. I am sure that a few years from now.. when digital distribution happends all these devices will lend themselves to easly take your content anywhere you go... the same way... you can do today with your xbox 360... I can take my hard drive to my friends house.. and as far as his xbox 360 is concern... it's like I am using my xbox 360... account info, movies, games, game saves, etc.

rabidvibes4155d ago

only 1 year old? thats hard to believe...

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