Hands-on Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire

A couple of weeks ago, Gamespy crew got a chance to sit down and play a little of publisher D3's latest Wii offering Dragon Blade. While D3 has cranked out some major titles this year (including Puzzle Quest and the upcoming Dark Sector), gamespy was a bit disappointed by the handling in Dragon Blade. Of course, gamespy was waggling around with an early version of the game, so it's likely that there was still some tuning left to do.

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MK_Red4155d ago

The game has a nice idea and some potential but something tells me the team isn't up to the task.

texism4155d ago

This game WILL suck. I mean, common we all know that. I predict a 6 at the most.

ChickeyCantor4155d ago (Edited 4154d ago )

ok.i have no idea why i said this before i hit the edit button so just nvm mind me XD hahaha omg