Black Friday: Best Buy's Video Game Deals

Best Buy's Black Friday ad has leaked out into the willd and they includes a mix of Doorbuster sales and sales running on both Friday and Saturday for the PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DSi.


Updated with $9.99 and $16.99 game deals.

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tacosRcool2898d ago

Not spectacular and not worth fighting the crowds just for some video games.

Queasy2898d ago

The EA game deals are good and there are a couple of nice bundles. I was expecting more though.

It's odd that there are almost no Kinect or Move Black Friday deals.

SKUD2898d ago

Agreed. Nothing special there at all.

iPad2898d ago

SONY! DO A GT5 BUNDLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

JsonHenry2898d ago

I can get those same prices online (or lower), without stepping foot outside of my house.

moparful992898d ago

I don't care what any of you all say metal gear solid for $10?!?! I'll get up at the butt crack of dawn for that deal no questions....

Ch1d0r12898d ago

All those EA games you can easily get for $20 if you know a police officer. From friends and family that i know who are cops, they get EA games for $20.

showtimefolks2898d ago

anyone if you see something somewhere please pm me thanks

i some times went to buy stuff at store on black friday late and would get every thing but this year online only maybe amazon or

mikepmcc2898d ago

Hot Pursuit for 35 bucks...yes please.

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dkgshiz2898d ago

I will wait for there full Black Friday ad. I generally dont go wait in lines at Black Friday for video games anyways.

Kithara122898d ago

Why isn't the PS3 priced at $99? Sony said the PS3 would never be priced higher than the PS2 at the end of 2010.

Anyways, If Sony was smarter, they would price the PS3 to $99 this holiday, maybe it would make up for the loss this year. I thought the PS3 would be outselling the 360 like they did last year.

So far:
Xbox 360 has sold 4 million units in 2010
PS3 has only sold 1.6 in 2010

PS3 is my favorite console so I hope they get it together. :(

thedisagreefairy2898d ago

wtf are u talking about?

and did u miss all the articles proving the ps3 has sold alot more units than xbox 360 this year.

you sir, are fvcking crazy.

LordMarius2898d ago

Xbox 360 has sold 4 million units in 2010
PS3 has only sold 1.6 in 2010

....yeah no, check the world sales, 360 is being outsold

ksense2898d ago

i think they should give it for free....

UltimateIdiot9112898d ago

Sony isn't in it to run a sprint, they are in it for a marathon. That has always been Sony's strategy. They even announced that this is the same strategy for the PS3. So I'm not sure where you are getting that information.

Link to the article that shows the quote.

The PS3 is outselling the 360 worldwide, and with GT5 coming out right before the major holiday season, PS3 will be teleporting off the shelves.

skrug2898d ago

i like how u use the word teleporting...

the PS3 will be teleporting off the production lines. lol

ExPresident2898d ago

You've lost your marbels if you think Sony is going to price the PS3 at less than the PS2 at this point in its lifecycle.

moparful992898d ago

Dude back in september they had sales data showing the ps3 up on the 360 WW by a million units... Fyi microsoft is in the first quarter of their 2011 fiscal year so everything from september on is not considered this year.. You are an idiot...

Cyrus3652898d ago

Are you drunk where you get 360 sold 4 million and ps3 1.6 million...

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UltimateIdiot9112898d ago

The last 2 BF has been mediocre. If you keep an eye out on popular deal forum such as CAG and Slickdeals, you can find a lot of good deals through out the year. BF has some good deals but they are a dime in a dozen. Experience penny shoppers can find a deal almost anytime during a year.

Nodoze2898d ago

The software sales are shovelware dumps. Defintely not fighting the crowds for this crap.

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