5 Reasons Why Call Of Duty Is Vital For The Games Industry

The biggest game of the year might have the competition running scared, but the industry needs Call Of Duty. Here's why...

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gamerdude1322900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Biggest. Fanboy. Bullshit. Evar.

This article is an epic fail.

So much for every other good game. Didn't GTA IV do this same stuff when IT was the fastest-selling game ever? There are plenty of great games out there and people should save their money for them, not waste them on a rehash of the same game from 3 years ago.

rdgneoz32900d ago

You mean a rehash of the same game from last year. Also, "It marries Triple A budgets with Triple A gameplay", not says the bugs and glitches since they didn't feel like beta testing it and then blamed the gamers for giving glitchers popularity. Also, the graphics don't feel like a Triple A budget.

Trunkz Jr2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Last CoD I'm getting, sorry it doesn't need it... BO is fun but how much different is it from CoD4? CoD series is now the Smackdown vs Raw of FPS...

gamerdude1322900d ago

There you go. Once you played one Call of Duty, you might as well have played all of them.

The_KELRaTH2900d ago

That's like saying you've watched episode 1 in a TV series so no point watching the rest as it has the same actors.

gamerdude1322900d ago

No, it's like saying watching episode 1 in a TV series so there's no point in watching it 3 more times. Or, better yet, watching episode 2 and it having the same plot and doesn't do anything that makes it feel superior to episode 1. It's just a rehash of episode 1 and nothing more.

Almost like with the recent horror movie remakes. You watched the original Halloween, so why would you watch a far worse movie when it's practically the same thing but worse?

kneon2900d ago

There are probably 5 good reasons why COD is bad for the industry. How about

1 - It took $360 million out of gamers pockets that could have been spent on other more original, higher quality games.

BlmThug2900d ago

CoD Is The Second Biggest Cashcow In The orld, 1st Being Mario

rdgneoz32900d ago

Mario has been around for a while though and not milked to death every year.

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The story is too old to be commented.