Spawn Kill Review: The Sims 3 (PS3/360)

Who would ever have imagined that something as seemingly dull as a life simulator would ever have achieved the monumental success that the Sims franchise has had? Well, it’s ten years since the release of the first game on PC, and now EA has brought the latest iteration to your home consoles. This isn’t the first time the Sims have ventured beyond the confines of the PC, although until now, none were truly capable of living up to their computer cousins. Those of you who pick up a copy of The Sims 3 for either PS3 or Xbox 360 will find an almost identical experience to that of the PC version (the Wii and DS games are their own thing, and will not be discussed in this review). As a fan of the series, the fact that I can have that PC experience from the comfort of my couch with few compromises is surprising and very welcome indeed.

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K-Tuck2902d ago

They seriously need to take the home building system from the Sims and just release that as a game. I'd buy it.

rrquinta2901d ago

Yeah, considering that the original idea for The Sims was as an architecture simulator, I'm surprised they never did that.

Drachaus2902d ago

I second K-Tuck's sentiment.
As for the game, I'm not a huge fan of the sims but Sims 3 looks fun! Awesome review.

tigresa2902d ago

I like the challenges idea, gives people a goal at least for a different type of player.

rrquinta2901d ago

Yeah, that was something that always put a lot of people off the Sims I think, the lack of any kind of direction. I thought the Sims 2 did a pretty good job with the aspirations concept, but the console version of Sims 3 takes it just one step further.

TheLiztress2901d ago

I have to agree with K-Tuck. If they were to release the home building system separately, I would definitely snatch it up. Other than disturbing ways to see how I can kill off my Sims, creating the house was always something I loved tinkering with.