Dear Ubisoft where the hell is the next rainbow six?

One of the biggest games on the consoles is still not in development, Ubisoft madaboutgaming thinks at this moment the next rainbow six can even take the Call of duty series' crown.

Its been too long ubisoft we want rainbow six back.

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joydestroy2902d ago

yes please. i would LOVE another Rainbow Six.

AAACE52901d ago

I just realized today that I am tired of Call of Duty games! I can't wait for the next Rainbow Six game. Right now, I am looking forward to Ghost Recon, Socom 4 and Gears 3.

@Elwenil... Don't worry, Rainbow has always been more about realism, so no arcadey crap. The only problems I have had with it is running at 30 fps, seemed a little too slow, and the aiming! Looking at the overhaul that the new Ghost recon has gotten, you gotta assume that Rainbow will come back better than ever!

Rainbow six vegas was one of the best games this gen because that was a good game to help build your friends list up. We had a good group of over 40 people to play with and we all had our specialties. We had a girl who would tear your ass up with the 870. We had tactics for entering a room that was covered by the opposing team and all kinds of sh*t.

Once Vegas 2 came out, the group kinda slowly broke apart. Then everyone kinda went in their own direction. At least we played together for about 2 years though. I have not played a game since then that encouraged me to talk with people and set up strategies. The closest was Socom Confrontation, but if you make a small mistake, the b*tches kick you out of the match!

Now, I rarely bother talking to people because they are mostly winey b*tches. I only put my headset on so I don't have to hear their annoying voices through my tv.

I think 2011 will be better, because even though there were some good games such as GoW 3, Halo Reach, CoD, BO, Red Dead Redemption, etc., I still feel unimpressed because there are no games I feel I need to play!

I'm probably alone with that, but that's how I feel anyway!

Elwenil2901d ago

The only problem with another Rainbow Six is the direction that all FPS games seem to be drifting this gen and that's toward arcade bullshit. If they are going to pop out another CoD4 clone then they can keep it. Personally I would much prefer that the game go back to it's roots like the original game, Rogue Spear and Raven Shield. The Vegas games were ok, but lost a lot of the appeal that longtime R6 players enjoyed.


There ain't a goddamn thing "gangsta" about Rainbow Six, thankfully.

BeOneWithTheGun2901d ago

Black Arrow. I cut my teeth on that FPS MP. Man, I still have cafe and airport memorized.

CyberCam2901d ago

I love the original first couple of games on PC... I'd spend hours on MSN Zone playing R6 & R6 Rogue Spear. By far my most played & my top game MP game of all time.

That's was when FPS games were pure! Even the Quake & Tribes series were pure as well. Back then it was all about winning the match, not worrying about your k/d ratio or having perks that allow the computer AI to do half your kills for you... you had to do it all on your own!

evrfighter2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

those were back in the days when fps gaming was untainted.

this gen has ripped the soul right out of fps gaming. It's depressing.

btw ask any r6/rogue spear fan what they think of r6 vegas and you better bring a flamesuit thick enough to withstand the fiery pits of hell itself.

ReservoirDog3162901d ago

I would really* really* love a new R6 game. I was just talking to my friend about R6 Vegas 1 today. Loved that game.

Bigpappy2901d ago

Vegas 1 was my favorite R6 of all times. Love the co-op and the multi-player.

BattleAxe2901d ago

Yeah Ubisoft, I'm getting real impatient of your lack of awareness of whats hot and whats not. Rainbow Six HOT.....Lazer Tag NOT.

socomnick2900d ago

As long as its. A real rainbow six not that garbage Vegas spinoff.

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theonlylolking2902d ago

I want the next rainbow six too. I hope they make one with the cryengine 3.

CyberCam2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

That UE3 has got to go! The CryEngin3 would kiss some serious arse!

iamnsuperman2902d ago

A new Rainbow six would be great

ultramoot2902d ago

The new Ghost Recon hasn't even come out yet. So I'm guessing we'll see a new R6 towards the end of 2012 or early 2013.

CyberCam2901d ago

I'm not vaguely interested in GR, it looks to have too much technology in it. Cloaking and rocket launchers on your shoulder... give me a break.

BiggCMan2901d ago

i dont remember seeing rocket launchers on your shoulders in the new ghost recon but it sounds bad ass. and cloaking is always great. im looking forward to future soldier. new rainbow six should definitely be good though. its a good series.

Raikiri2901d ago

Who needs rainbow when you have Ghost Recon: future soldier
which is IMO a mix of both.

lowcarb2901d ago

Ghost recon is nothing like Rainbow 6 sorry.

soundslike2901d ago

lol nothing says tactical challenge like turning invisible and avoiding braindead AI would wouldnt see you anyway...

and THEN breaking into a scene from WW2 beach storming! woah thats tactical :D

BattleAxe2901d ago

The last time Ghost Recon was a good game was when they came out with Jungle Storm on PS2 and Island Thunder on Xbox.

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