Third High Definition DVD Format to Come This Fall.

HD VMD from New Medium Enterprises Incomin

New Medium Enterprises unveiled its first HD VMD (Versatile Multilayer Disc) player at IFA trade-show in Berlin along with the short list of movies to be available for the player this fall. The company, which positions its standard as "The New Definition of High Definition" promises affordable prices and widespread availability, but remains tight-lipped over the movies portfolio it is able to release.

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djt234156d ago

HD VMD was out already in different part of the world and i told you or all of you all ready

MrSwede4155d ago

Thank you! I thought I read about this a while ago!

InMyOpinion4155d ago

Long live the Knugen o Silvia

ktchong4156d ago

and what studios does it have? Without backing from a good number of studios, it does not stand a chance.

You know what'd be really funny? All the studios (from both Blu-ray and HD DVD camps) decide to support this third format in addition to whatever they are supporting right now (either Blu-ray or HD DVD,) and -- BOOM! -- this format comes out victorious.

ReBurn4156d ago

It doesn't have any major studios. It appears to be launching in markets where Blu-ray and HD-DVD aren't really being pushed. The article references Australia, France, Iceland, India, Poland and Scandinavia.

It will be interesting to follow.

ktchong4156d ago

Then HD VMD does not have a snowball's chance in hell.

barom4155d ago

oh but they just might have a tiny little chance.. if their first stand-alone player is 179 british pounds that would mean (most likely) that in the US it will be around 179$ or less. Which is almost half the price of the cheapest "STAND-ALONE" hd dvd player (300$ afaik it was).

Evil0Angel4155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

1) it is the inferior in the 3 format in size technology(5GB per layer)
-based in red laser technology(inferior) while both HD/BD blue laser
-for new adaptors : it has very narrow library of movies
-no major studio support
-price=250$ this would been good last year but this year HD-DVD will soon have player under 200$, yes it is only 1080i(THE 200$ HD-DVD PLAYER) this mean it will pumb technically only 30fps but remmber all BR/HD movies recorded @24fps so it will be converted in both I/P signal, what will make the difference is your display (I 30fps/P 60fps scan)

-However : what they should think about is 2sided dual layer DVD9 which will hold up to 18GB and work in current DVD player till either HD-DVD/BR take over.

JohnCarpenter4155d ago

Have you even read the article?
"it is the inferior in the 3 format in size technology"->"..T his means capacity to record 100 GB or more.."
"yes it is 1080i only"->"...codecs in up to 1080p..."

Pekka4155d ago

Well, then you should have noticed this in article.

"Currently the company can produce up to 30GB discs."
So it has the same capacity as HD DVD and less than Blu-ray. That 100GB is theoretical maximum which may never happen in real life (the same as 200GB Blu-rays which at least had prototypes shown). I think even those 30GB discs are probably very expensive right now.

We really don't need third HD format so I hope this will just disappear...

rabidvibes4155d ago

hmmm plays H.264 codecs bootlegs that might be worth it alone :)

I just need one player that plays them all... please....

till then Ill wait..

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The story is too old to be commented.