9 Most Sexualized Female Characters Ever

Videogames are filled with characters that are hyper representations of their corresponding gender. Last week we brought you the 9 Most Testosterone-Ridden Characters Ever, and now it's time for the ladies to... show their wares.

Many female characters flaunt their bodies to seduce, betray and tease their male counterparts. A focused exaggeration on their sexual organs has led to a lot of complaints over the years, some using this as a way to reinstate the obvious fact that gaming is primarily male-oriented. Whether they are representing girl power or are simply eye candy, these following women are certainly not of your every day, passing-on-the-street type.

So, cue the ladies for your inspection, I warn you though, they bite!

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toaster2898d ago

What... am.. I.. reading..

TenSteps2898d ago

with a hint of uselessness and a sprinkle of irrelevance

CombineElite2898d ago

If I didn't have a calender and woke up from a coma i could tell you what day it is by which top 10# list is currently hot on N4G.

blackburn52898d ago

They made a mistake. I think they meant to say, Anna Williams. I think she was supposed to be more 'sexualized' then her sister was. Doesn't anyone remember the alternate school uniform costume from Tekken 5?

gamerdude1322898d ago

They made a mistake by creating this article. What the crap was this created for? And what's with the recent interest in sexy characters?

Quagmire2898d ago

It must be breeding season

oldjadedgamer2898d ago

Gaming journalism is really at it's best today.

CrzyFooL2898d ago

Shit list is shit!! go friday!!

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The story is too old to be commented.