Xbox: 'Our best Christmas line-up in years'

Interview: UK boss Stephen McGill on Kinect, Christmas and beyond

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MasFlowKiller2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

as far as exclusive both Halo Reach & Fable III were good
and this year some cool multiplat games did drop.
dont really like kinect that much.

i dont really think this years Christmas line-up is its best ever.
Microsoft must know that the majority of the 42 mil xbox 360 owners are hardcore right?

this year felt like the 360 was slowly leaving its hardcore roots

Kurt Russell2898d ago

It does indeed, hopefully next year there will be something for us who don't want shovelware. I look forward to Gears 3... but that's all I can think of :(

Bigpappy2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

They now have the Hardcore and Causals. They are going to make more money this Holiday season that ever in Xbox history. Halo, Fable and Kinect have all been hugely successful. I also have to add COD and Fallout as those always sell and perform best on 360. So yes, the core games did not have a pool of games like 2007, but it is a great selection non the less. Games don't need to be exclusive to be great.

DXM12894d ago

"Games don't need to be exclusive to be great"

Thats what I would say if my console lost all of its exclusives and there wasnt any point in owning it anymore.

Lol sorry you just walked right into that one.

tatsukishi2898d ago

Wow... Well at least their official position on whatever they do is that they like it... lol

El_Colombiano2898d ago

That...says...says a lot about the catalog 360 has had past Christmas'.

Cajun Chicken2896d ago


Have you EVEN looked at anything you've released running up to Christmas?