Fist of The North Star: Ken's Rage review | Eurogamer Denmark

From cult classic to 2010. How did it go? Not so good.

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Blaster_Master2897d ago

I thought the demo alone was an 8. Okay 7.5. A two? I dont see it Eurolamer. Grow up. What are you guys smokin over there?

RELAX2896d ago

i now denmark peopel they dont like this kind of games, i have it and i can safely say that , the game is ok . i will give it a
8 out of 10

DrakenSilverwing2896d ago

Say what? i own this game as well. its pretty good specially if ya were into the old series. a bit slow tho. but i say 7.5/10 ..... 2? thats just wrong..