More hardcore Kinect announcements in 2011 - MS

Next year will be "amazing" for gamers on Kinect and 360, says UK boss

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big_silky2898d ago

i remain cautiously optimistic.

Game-ur2898d ago

Take it with a pinch of salt

8-bit2898d ago

I played kinect and it works well but the games are simplistic and I just don't see a core title ever working with it. Prove me wrong MS but I just don't see it happening.

darthv722898d ago

just dont be surprised if it happens. I would be more surprised if it didn't considering what it took to get this far.

ComboBreaker2897d ago

Microsoft: "Just wait guys, but while you wait, please buy Kinect, because sometimes in 2011, we'll announce core games. LOL."

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Blacktric2898d ago


Not trying to insult you or anything my King, but that's kind of off topic.

King-Leonidas2898d ago

i thought u guys would enjoy it... sorry

2898d ago
Blacktric2898d ago

Nah, I like it and already watched it a couple of times but some people might get angry :D.

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lelo2play2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Did people really think that there would only be 2 exclusives games (Gears 3 and Crytec game) for the X360 in 2011? Of course there are going to more kinect games and non kinect games announcements for next year.

No console would survive with only 2 exclusives a year.

shadyiswin2898d ago

lul,and gt5 just made it!

Blacktric2898d ago

Exactly. Microsoft usually announces some of their games closer to their release dates anyway. Most of you might think Microsoft is stupid enough to not secure any exclusives but I'm confident there will be enough titles for 2011. Not as much as Sony maybe but still.

lowcarb2898d ago

Is there a list of confirmed exclusive PS3 titles for next year with dates? Why do I get the impression these so called games are really being used for bragging purposes.

gamingdroid2898d ago

because it is!

How long did you see GT5 on the list games coming next year?

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xAlmostPro2898d ago

hardcore kinect game.. gears of war 3..on rails when used with kinect

avengers19782898d ago

They should've you know brought some examples of all these "core games".

BabyTownFrolics2898d ago

codename d

rise of nightmares

Steel Battalion Heavy Armor

Project Draco


now you gotta admit this is better than nothing

Jaces2898d ago

I'll wait till the reviews are out before I get all kinds of excited. -.-

BabyTownFrolics2898d ago

the guy asked for some "core" games and I gave him a list.

what does that have to do with your level of excitement?

BlackTar1872898d ago

I dont like the way those games look i hope they clean up some of the Kidy in them. I know someone knows what i mean

BabyTownFrolics2898d ago

I guess what I'm getting at is that my response to avengers had a purpose, and that what to supply some info that he had asked for, thats all.

its quite a non sequitur to then chime in that you dont like these games as a response to my list. If you had said those games were not for kinect or that my list was not really a list I could understand, but it seems like you just found a thread that was not negative enough and felt it was your duty to add a little negativity.

Jaces2898d ago

I apologize if I'm being cautious, I didn't realize that was frowned upon in the Kinect articles.

The reason your list has something to do with my excitement is because I truly want something cool to play so I have a reason to buy Kinect.

avengers19782898d ago

@BabyTownFrolics; thank-you for doing the leg work that the article it's self didn't do.
I'm not sure why I got so many disagrees, just for asking for examples.
Project Draco and Haunt look interesting

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Belasco2898d ago

People disagreed with you being cautiously optimistic? I dont understand.

Anon19742898d ago

Microsoft: "Don't worry, Core gamers! There's plenty of games ahead for you in 2011! Which ones? Ummm, there's that those guys. You know those guys? And that other one...the one that you Core guys really like. I'm sure you're as excited as we are about that one!"

Seriously, stop it. Either show the games or give it a rest. We know Kinect is for the casuals. We're good with that. But we saw what was at the Tokyo game show. A lot of on rails stuff and games that probably won't even see release in North America. You want to appeal to the Core gamers, how about you come up with some new IP's for your console. There's only so many times you can expect us to buy Gears and Halo.

PimpDaddy2898d ago

I have an idea. Why don't you stop trolling X360 and Kinect articles. It's obvious you have an agenda. If you think the only games to play on the 360 are Halo or Gears then you are truly ignorant.

On topic: I believe the games for Kinect will continue to get better. There is no way Microsoft would invest this much time and money into releasing Kinect and not give it the proper support.

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DigitalRaptor2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Let's hope they follow through with this promise.

I'm still skeptical about these hardcore Kinect titles. Will they ever be as good as a standard hardcore title? With the camera-based control interface - I don't think so.

lowcarb2898d ago

Hardcore Kinect games will more than likely be Hybrid based with a few requiring no buttons. Not sure either how things will work out but will wait and see.

edgeofblade2898d ago

It's pretty obvious Microsoft will release a move-like or navigation-like controller to complement the kinect.

And when that happens, the snark on N4G will be utterly unbearable.

gamingdroid2898d ago

That would never happen right now. Pushing an additional accessory is something the public would quickly reject.

That doesn't make any business sense. Don't you think MS thought about these things before they sink millions and millions of dollars into the business?

BlackTar1872898d ago

is if they release a controller your gonna have to buy that as well i bet. Don't you think its would be getting quite expensive and ridiculus at that point. Honest question you can't honestly be so blind as to be okay with constant upgrades and new items you have to buy.

I understand some of you don't mind paying for the stuff you already do but how much are you willing to take. You have to buy a controller for an advertised controllerless device?

I hope i get one for Christmas from my wife.

Omega42898d ago

It will be interesting to see what they come up with, since whatever it is it will be something new just because of the control method they have to use.

Nariko-20112898d ago

For simply saying something as non offensive as that?

DigitalRaptor2898d ago

Maybe because people actually disagree with him. Think of that?

King-Leonidas2898d ago

nobody likes Omega im afraid

Nicaragua2898d ago

I disagreed with him because i dont see that using Kinect forces any radical new control system so therefore i disagree with what he wrote.

The only thing that kinect can do that any other camera only based system cannot is track movement along the z-axis and even this is not used in most of the games we have seen so far.

In fact applications whichcould have used the Z-motion (like Forza E3 demo where you could walk around the car) used a system of hovering your hand over things to select them rather than pushing forward along the Z-axis. Maybe the Z-tracking isnt responsive enough for gaming ?

N4Great2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Because it's a ms employee always hyping ms products (even the bad ones), and downplaying sony's products (even the good ones).

and talking about " it will be something new just because of the control method they have to use. ", when eyetoy is 2000, it's just a joke.

"I cant wait for Kinect to prove asses like you wrong "

they never learn..

Motorola2898d ago

I thought one guy from MS said Move was a "cool product" Im probably wrong and misread the headline.... ^

edgeofblade2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Funny how people think the Z axis isn't "used" in the current games. Kinect Adventures uses it very well for Rallyball (Ricochet). Yourself Fitness uses it to determine if you are punching across your body or if your legs are properly bent. There are certainly games that COULD operate without it, but that doesn't mean that they don't use it or that they work as well without it.

Seriously, just saying something doesn't make it true. "Jessica Chobot has three male members... sticking out of her left elbow." See? That didn't make it true, did it?

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niceguywii602898d ago

PS3 fanboys don't like Omega4 because when they troll 360 articles Omega always has positive thought out things to say that make PS3 fanboy agendas harder to sell. Omega disrupts the anti 360 tone PS3 fanboy trolls try to set in 360 articles.

BlackTar1872898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

if i ever read one.

you can't be serious that or your omega 2md account.

God i can't believe you would believe that nonsense the internet is full of special people.

mcstorm2898d ago

I agree with you. I got kinect for the family to play on and I'm very impressed with it its very good at tracking all of us and the voice control is better than anything I've ever seen. There is alot of room for improvment too like accessing the full dash with kinect and adding kinect control into my movies I stream off of my server but they have made it as simple as possible for every one to pickup and play. I look forward to seeing what MS add to kinect over the next 6 to 12 months.

Nariko-20112898d ago

Congrats N4G. You just may be changing

edgeofblade2898d ago

No offense... but N4G isn't changing. It's still filled with snarky infants.

MajestieBeast2898d ago

Halo on rails
crackdown on rails
banjo on rails
gears of war on rails
alan wake on rails

arragionthegreat2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

You can't even pull that off with kinect,..

Out of curiosity, will someone explain how a serious on-rail shooter would work with kinect,..?
It wouldn't,.. unless it is like bubble pop for eye toy,..
I don't even want to think about it,..

shadyiswin2898d ago

no one wants to play killzone 3 with move,they are just using it to throw in your face ps3 has hardcore motion games. the fact is its a gimmick tack on,you will use it then use your controller like your suppose to,and it wont support move online so no point in even getting good with with cause it will only be for offline play,due to the move auto targeting.

edgeofblade2898d ago

Child of Eden. That's how. It's not all that difficult to imagine... unless you just don't want to.

rekof2898d ago

child of eden is ps-eye game also,.. I doubt you will evenn need move controllers,.. so what are you saying?

120FPS2898d ago


And you know this because you have all of the technical schematics on Kinect and a thorough understanding of its limitions

I cant wait for Kinect to prove asses like you wrong

lowcarb2898d ago

Kinect already has proven pricks like this wrong and will continue to as the tech progresses.

DigitalRaptor2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

How has Kinect proved anyone wrong, besides the fact that it can run simple, content-lite games quite well? You're still seeing the limitations.. The games released so far are sports/fitness, party/casual, arcade racer (flawed).

If those genres are a representation of what Kinect can do, then you'll be lucky to see anything more complex than Kinect Sports.

It's nothing like its E3 2009 iteration (Project Natal) so already there they've lost their standards. Telling people that Kinect proved them wrong, isn't much to brag about, considering you fanboys were bragging about how amazing and revolutionary Natal was gonna be and its likenesses to Minority Report.

Kinect will forever live in the shadow of Project Natal - the dream that Microsoft failed to deliver.

oldjadedgamer2898d ago

I love it when a troll calls out another troll. But it does always leave me confused about their intelligence

rlm422898d ago

How many times you keep saying this shooter 'on rail' BS.. You wouldn't if you were smart enough to see the Kinect and the controller can work together.

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