Resolution: The Miser's Guide to Gaming on a Budget

Resolution's Mark Raymond writes: Given that this is the season for a ridiculous number of video games to come out all at once, and because it’s coming up to Christmas, I’ve decided to write this article, detailing what I consider to be the best method of a) playing as many games as possible and b) as cheaply as possible.

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Acquiescence2896d ago

than Patrick Stewart's Scrooge. xD

theonlylolking2896d ago

1.Dont buy a PS3. Why? There are too many awesome games coming on the game.
2.dont pay for XBL
3.dont buy a wii you will need a lot of add ons

Solution for #1 Buy a PS3 but decide which games you must have
solution for #2 Buy more single player games
solution for #3 Dont buy a wii

2896d ago