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OnScreen takes a look at some of the best game-to-movie adaptations.

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granthinds2901d ago

Man, I don't agree. I think that Silent Hill wasn't a great adaptation!

vrylstminute2901d ago

My vote goes to Prince of Persia. *cough* Gemma Arterton *cough*

granthinds2901d ago

Man, that woman is beautiful.... :D

vrylstminute2901d ago

You know she was born with an abnormal amount of fingers? Still hot... ><

Yi-Long2900d ago

... it's not fantastic, but it's sure as hell better than most of the movies listed here...

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ianfelmore2901d ago

I don't know Grant, while I don't believe Silent Hill should be number one, I do feel that it did the first game justice.

darthv722900d ago

how do you fit a games worth of time into a typical 2hr movie (roughly)?

Some games that are great on the little screen are great because they can draw you in to their world. Some can take upwards of several hours to fully enjoy.

So making a movie out of a video game is very risky. Not only to the studio but the game's good name as well. I am a fan of the wing commander series of games. The movie flat out KILLED the game from that point.

Doom was another sad attempt at taking a big action series and making it bigger (screen wise). I think the funniest (and saddest) part was near the end and the whole perspective switched into first person with such slow pacing. Ugh it was painful to watch but I couldnt take my eyes away cause I was laughing.

There are plenty of games we think would be cool movies and movies we think would be cool games. Only a handful have been able to go cross platform without scars.

cb4g2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

...from most video game scripts because there's just not enough source material to work with. The pacing alone would be tricky to get right since, as you mentioned, 'how do you fit a games worth of time into a typical 2hr movie?'

A lot of times, games are what they are because we let ourselves be the character. We care about the character because we are the character.

In film, you can't do that so there's that immediate disconnect between the lead and the viewer. It takes exceptional writing and character development to achieve that, but most of the time it just doesn't happen.

Prince of Persia did this pretty well and it surprisingly turned out ok. Max fucking Payne on the other hand....

granthinds2901d ago

AND WHAAAAAT?! Max Payne?! That doesn't deserve to be on a top 5 list!!!

WobblyOnion2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

Max Payne deserves to be taken out back and shot. I'd rest my head in mila Kunis' bosom though.

soundslike2900d ago

but then your ears would just be closer to her ANNOYING VOICE. urggg

gamerdude1322900d ago

None of these are any good except Final Fantasy. I hated Max Payne and the Hitman movie adaptation was probably one of the worst of all time. They couldn't have just gotten the voice actor, could they?

soundslike2900d ago

I agree with the silent hill being on top (that its the best game to movie, but not better than the game lol). That did so many things right, that most game-to-movies would have failed with, that you take them some of them for granted.
For instance they could have completely failed to deliver that organic bio-hell look, but they didn't for the most part was spot on.
Hell even the "interesting-at-first-the n-wtf-really?" plot was there from pretty much game after the second one (technically a negative lol)

I also thought the final fantasy was just a good cgi movie in general, and wish that was actually a premise for one of the games.

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