Microsoft: Xbox Live Gold subscribers use service 3 hours per day

More than half of Xbox Live's 25 million users are paying subscribers, which means that over 12 million players make use of the service's online multiplayer and non-gaming offerings, like the streaming ESPN3 service. "Those are very, very engaged customers, which is a good business," Durkin said. On average, paying subscribers use Xbox Live for 3 hours a day. Before you calculate how many Black Ops matches fit into that period, keep in mind that users spend forty percent of their Xbox time using non-headshot services -- like listening to music on, watching a movie on Netflix or rapidly exiting the Facebook app that they accidentally clicked on.

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niceguywii602896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Yep Lots of Music service use and even more Netflix use but what I see most from people on my friends list are party chat use.

TheFreak2895d ago

Party chat is freaking awesome. Best feature on live no doubt

coldfoot2895d ago

Since there was no party chat

SmokexFFx2895d ago

Just because party chat is the "best" feature for him doesn't mean there isn't other feature he would pay for.

TheFreak2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Did not pay since I had not bought a 360 yet, only had a ps3 and wii back then

Frenza2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

So you mean that Party chat is better feature than online gameing? ok..

theonlylolking2895d ago

Its the best thing and only XBL thing that it has that PSN does not. I have to agree that party chat is awesome and handy.

TheFreak2895d ago

what are you talking about? party chat is a good feature on live thats it. wtf people are so weird sometimes lol

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AAACE52895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Some of the people who question XBL, I wonder if they even experienced XBL! I think a lot of them said, "What, you have to pay for online gaming... aw F**k that... XBL sux!" Or they went to a friends house and fooled around with it for a few minutes and made a judgement based on that!

I know paying for it seems like a bad thing, but XBL excels in several areas, especially when it comes to voice communications and ease of use!

People complain about the price of XBL, but Magic Jack charges you $20 a year just to talk on a phone when you could just Skype with friends for free and no one is complaining about that!

ComboBreaker2895d ago

when you can get the same thing (but without the ads) for free on the PS3 and PC?

outlawlife2895d ago

xbox live has evolved into more of an entertainment hub than just a game service

when people want entertainment they turn on their xbox, whether it be to watch a movie, play a games, or just talk to friends

himdeel2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Both HD consoles are truly multimedia entertainment hubs. If I could find away around paying for cable to get internet I'd cancel my cable all together. The PS3 and 360 are great places to enjoy yourself alone as well as with friends for short periods of time or for hours on end.

gamingdroid2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

It kind of has for me. I turn it on to watch TV on Netflix as I don't have cable service, tune into ESPN every now and then, for music and then games all in a sleek interface.

No real reason to mess with the PC anymore.

edit: himdeel I'm sure you figured it out, but I meant cable TV. Then again you could get it with satellite.

himdeel2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

...I'm jealous :[

EDIT: AHH makes sense :) I've wondered about those. The only one I'm familiar with is Hughes Net.

ASSASSYN 36o2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

^^^Someone has never heard of dsl, t1, and t3 Internet. ^^^

Fishy Fingers2895d ago

Yep, gone are the days of the consoles being nothing but a one stop game machine. For many, it probably fills the role of a PC (internet, on demand music/video, connecting with friends etc). Rarely am I at home without interent connection of one type or another.

Garnett2895d ago

and people are forced to pay for shit they dont want, i couldn't give 2 shits about ESPN,Facebook,Twitter or any of that garbage.

I should pay $5 a month for the online features, and the gaming parts, fuck that other shit.

outlawlife2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

the fact is the majority of live users use these services so if you don't like them, then don't pay

nobody is forcing you or anyone else to pay anything

you don't need to be an xbox gold member, it isn't a life necessity

if you want to play games online for free there are plenty of outlets for that

the people who pay for live obviosly think the price is worth it otherwise they wouldnt pay.

as for the price, if you buy a year gold membership it is less than 5 dollars a month and you get the gaming plus extras so what exactly are you complaining about?

13 months for less than $60 isn't ripping anyone off so don't act like it is

I have 2 years on my account remaining that I paid only 35 per year...I have been a live member since it launched on original xbox so when people complain about the price I get annoyed

when live first launched it was gaming and absolutely nothing else for the same exact price (actually more because live starter kits launched at $70 with a year +headset)

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plb2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

"More than half of Xbox Live's 25 million users are paying subscribers"

Comment of the year right there. If you want to do anything remotely useful with Xbox you must pay.

himdeel2895d ago

...they are always saying there are ways around paying for services because of discounts on LIVE etc. So your comment is only half true as I understand it. Nevertheless I choose not to agree or disagree with you.

nix2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

i once told my colleague (a 360 owner) that i just buy a game n go online n play. he was like "WHAT?".
oh i had such a good laugh that day. it's like paying to use Facebook or Gmail. who does that? oh wait!

gamingdroid2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

What you neglected to say is that over 12 million users found that a service is worth paying for despite a competing service being FREE and the console is almost equivalently priced.

What does that tell you?

Corepred42895d ago

that most people bought their xbox before they console were priced the same.

athlon7702895d ago

Out of 43 million consoles sold, there are only 25 million subscribers. That is sad. I guess we know how many bad consoles were replaced then don't we.

Don't take offence bud, just turning it around on you. I have a 360 (been through 3 of them actualy) and currently have one of the new slims.

My point is, don't get too cocky trying to spin things as there are many of us 360 owners that know the truth!

gamingdroid2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

I'm not spinning jack squat when 12 million people are willing to pay a fee they clearly see value in it when there are other competitors in the market offering supposedly more value. Clearly they are seeing something else providing value that you do not.

Otherwise we would have seen mass migration to another platform.

You can spin it all you want (and I don't care), but spent money speaks the loudest!

DaBadGuy2895d ago

Good thing I make decent money.

Most people on this site must be dirt poor if 50, now 60 dollars a year breaks the bank.

That's 5 dollars a month.

Just over a dollar a week.

Pennies a day.

(Santa Claus guy shows up)

For just pennies a day you can help give little Eliza here fresh water, food, and an education. Eliza's mother was just trampled in a stampede of hogs and bison....yes like in the Lion King. And now little Eliza is left to raise 8 children when she herself is still just a child.

Please, won't you feed her.

Come ahhhn.

Do it.

Pay up so you can get back to Big Bang Theory.

Do it or I'll kill the one with the glasses from Roseanne.

coldfoot2895d ago

That's $300 over 5 years...
Just shows that most people are stupid and only think about the upcoming installment instead of the whole sum.

OSU_Gamer2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

I dont understand how thinking of the whole sum over an extended period of time accurately portrays anything more useful?

By your reasoning if you make $40,000 dollars a year (random number) thats $200,000 over 5 years. Doesn't that sound like such a huge number? Now look at that $300 in respect to that $200,000 and tell me that it looks significant....It Doesnt. Your comparison lacks any context.

Although YOU want to think that $300 actuallty means a lot, it doesn't.

IMO opinion its even more stupid to try and tell people how much they should/shouldn't spend on things they enjoy.

DigitalRaptor2895d ago

It's not that it's unaffordable.

It's the principle that Microsoft makes you pay to play half the game you already own, online.

I might actually have an Xbox 360 right now, if there wasn't a ransom on my online play experience.

If Microsoft makes online play available to XBL Free users, then I will be more open to getting a 360.

But they just had to INCREASE the price, didn't they? How do they justify this? Exclusive DLC apparently. How can the Xbox 360 be any less appealing to me now than with the news that XBL is gonna cost more?

DaBadGuy2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

@coldfoot, 300 is almost a whole paycheck, so I'm still good.

Who gives a shit about the whole sum, you pay your cable and phone bills month by month, well maybe you don't but I do and I don't need to worry about the whole sum, I write a check or use my card every month and am done with it until the next month.

I don't need to worry about the whole sum I only need to worry about having the money month to month and year to year and that's not a problem.

Just shows that most people are either poor or just think something is stupid and they whine to other people about stuff they can't have or don't want so no one else should be able to have it and anyone that does is "stupid" and a "Microsoft sheep".

I use my PS3 for Blu-ray and exclusives but I use my 360 for most other stuff.

I was trying to make a joke with the whole pennies a day and Lion King thing but I guess it was more of a personal insult to some people.

You said most people are stupid, I guess you're a genius and the paradigm of intellect then.

@DigitalRaptor, you actually made intellectual points instead of resorting to insults even though you disagree with me, I respect your opinion.

@OSU_Gamer, yeah that's how I feel. I've been with Live since pretty much the beginning. I've never felt like I got jipped with the service, content, games, or features, so I re-up every year.

OSU_Gamer2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

"But they just had to INCREASE the price, didn't they? How do they justify this?"

Its the first price increase in 7+ years. And its the first price increase in the history of XBL.

Did you have XBL when it first came out. It is exponentially more improved. And despite all that improvement there hasn't been a price increase until now.

Not to mention it was the only reliable way to game online on a console when it was released.

It was only with the increased quality of PSN that everyone (especially single console owners :) )started to complain about XBL charging. And that is fine and dandy, but you still have to think about Sony's position. There is no way they could successfully introduce a new online service and charge. PSN was not nearly as good.

Although that has definitely changed, I don't see how you can expect MS to drop the price tag of their service when there is a record number of people using it, and it is still arguably the better service.

As a side note, I can do some justification for the price hike. ESPN3 has been added which is absolutely fantastic. Also, the latest update improved the microphone quality drastically. That costs money and does justify the the price hikle somewhat.

Not to mention the bottomline that MS is a company. People demand their product. And by rules of supply and demand, the price goes up. And like I said, until now that has never even happened.

yeracnivek712895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

I'm so impressed with your math skills, lol.

Thing is, I make $300 in LESS THAN A WEEK with my job. Why the hell would I care about spending that much on a service I've enjoyed for 8 years now (I was even part of the XBL Beta), over the course of 5 years???

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