New The Last Story scan, online support revealed

Check out a brand new scan of the Final Fantasy creator's new game, as well as new details outlining online support for the RPG.

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boogeyman9992950d ago

So far. I didn't expect online for this.

-Mezzo-2950d ago

Agreed, same here i also didn't expected Online.

turok2949d ago

... really is giving his all for this game interesting lol.

pcz2949d ago

Everything except some decent screenshots it would seem. And not even a confirmation of a western release.

tatsukishi2949d ago

I have high hopes for this game but these new developments are not the way I want to see it go. Anytime Co-op and open world and all those words are thrown into an RPG like the the story suffers more and with each feature added till you have a game that looks amazing but has no depth or spirit behind it. Here is hoping since this is Sakaguchi's last game that its amazing!