Raw DLC: Why zombies will always be sexy (in an unsexy kinda way)

Raw DLC takes a closer look at the safeness of being in love with zombies:

"Once upon a time it used to mean something to say you were a geek. What was once whispered in mother’s basements in hushed tones and only ever declared on the street as loudly as a Boba Fettian nod or a casual Vulcan Salute while scratching one’s head is now a point of pride. We geeks were a secret majority, outcast by mainstream conventions and media but we made our peace with that. Nowadays we can walk down the street with novelty Hulk fists held high and no-one bats an eyelid."

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Shackdaddy8362900d ago

Zombies will eventually get boring to people. I used to be a huge fan of zombies(even before the movies started to popularize them). I read books about them, saw old movies, etc.(I'm not a creeper, just thought they were super cool :) ).

Now, I'm just really bored with zombies. They don't appeal to me like they did when i was younger.

NachosWithCheese2900d ago

Oh no! Man, I hope I never get over zombies... even though they're pretty lacklustre on the versatility front, I've been into them for years now.

I love how I don't see them ever getting tainted in the way that vampires have now become... every time I hear vampire, I cringe... which is sad, because I still have a lot of love for the vampire mythology, just not this new-age shite.